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Conformity to the law or to rules.
  1. 'Thus legal regulation alone will always be inadequate to secure legitimacy and genuine consent.'
  2. 'It provides the royal family with the necessary religious legitimacy to rule a conservative society.'
  3. 'Leadership depends on legitimacy, and legitimacy requires consistency.'
  4. 'America claimed for its institutions superior legitimacy and for its people a clear moral pre-eminence.'
  5. 'Boyle, of course, continues to uphold the rules of international legitimacy.'
  6. 'Refusing to enter a plea or to appoint legal counsel, he challenged the legality and legitimacy of the war crimes tribunal.'
  7. 'Destruction was not an act of religious fanaticism but an act to show that the ruler was unable to protect the temple of his own deity and so lost all legitimacy to rule.'
  8. 'This may be because tests of recognition of legitimacy do not easily form part of either legal or, even, political analysis.'
  9. 'In political terms, participation is recognized as one way of imbuing decisions with greater legitimacy.'
  10. 'This gets to the heart of legitimacy in rule making and the governance of the IMF.'
  11. 'disputes over the legitimacy of heirs'
Ability to be defended with logic or justification; validity.
  1. 'His more modest aim is that of criticizing the claim that science has a monopoly on truth by defending the legitimacy of experiences of truth which do not depend on and are even distorted by method.'
  2. 'Her justification for the legitimacy of astrology as a valid science went something like this.'

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1. the state or quality of being legitimate.

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"changes can be legitimacy."