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Conforming to the rules; legal.
  1. 'Isabella had forced Lucio to promise that all of the jobs he did for their grandfather were legit and legal before she allowed him to do them.'
  2. 'They're using those words and definitions to look legit.'
  3. 'That assures donors their funds go to legit groups.'
  4. 'This is done as a money laundering scheme to put illicit dollars back into the legit art market.'
  5. 'On the other hand, illegitimate pyramid schemes can resemble legit sales operations.'
  6. 'That doesn't seem to support the idea that ‘vague’ patents are legit.'
  7. 'The suitcases were full of pirated games, which at $7 a pop are $45 cheaper than most games on the legit market.'
  8. 'Anyway, this tool seems to be legit from what I can tell.'
  9. 'They have a web site, so they must be legit, right?'
  10. 'Oh yeah, Gary Busey is involved, so you know it's legit.'
  11. 'he used to be a bad boy, but now he's totally legit'
  12. 'I really want to believe that she's legit, but I'm feeling kind of wary now.'
  13. 'Mark Buehrle is legit, and Todd Ritchie might be, too.'
  14. 'And, naturally, you should never give confidential information to anyone unless you are absolutely certain that they are legit.'
  15. 'Judging by the call, this guy was asking the questions, so he's relatively legit.'
  16. 'If the name doesn't surface, the honor system prevails; the voter simply swears in an affidavit that he or she is legit.'


1. legitimate.

2. (of a singing voice) trained in a classical or operatic tradition.

3. having such a singing voice.

4. being a singer with such a voice. noun

5. the legitimate theater or stage.

More examples(as adjective)

"stations can be legit."

"backs can be legit."


Early 20th century: abbreviation of legitimate.


go legit