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Laws, considered collectively.
  1. 'This may be enforced by law, with a clause in the legislation to set up regulation of care providers.'
  2. 'This had made them exempt from certain legislation that does not apply to the Crown.'
  3. 'Now she is calling for new legislation to outlaw the practice and public opinion is being sought.'
  4. 'Local clean air laws are stronger and more comprehensive than state legislation.'
  5. 'That section did not empower him to make a radical change of any other kind to any legislation.'
  6. 'Other areas where the law and the media are in conflict include libel and privacy legislation.'
  7. 'The case raises the question of the proper construction of the relevant legislation.'
  8. 'Instead he is talking of changing legislation to allow the imposition of martial law.'
  9. 'The national legislation in the form in which it now appears adopts the same approach.'
  10. 'It remains to be seen whether further delays will hamper the enactment of this legislation.'
  11. 'it will require legislation to change this situation'
  12. 'That has all led to the investment in growth that this legislation will put into place.'
  13. 'Valerie Keating is the Home Office official in charge of the proposed legislation.'
  14. 'Though the details of this policy are not yet clear it is certain to require new legislation.'
  15. 'That is why that legislation did not do all the economic damage that it could have done.'
  16. 'Cohen shows how immigration legislation has not just been about keeping people out.'
  17. 'We on this side of the House do not favour retrospective legislation in the tax area.'
  18. 'It is legislation that is necessary to cover the actual problem we are dealing with.'
  19. 'This is very important legislation on which we on this side of the House want to have a say.'
  20. 'In her new job, Cooper will be in charge of legislation leading up to the euro referendum.'
  21. 'That is not the sort of legislation or approach that we on this side of the House want to see.'

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1. the act of making or enacting laws.

2. a law or a body of laws enacted.

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"governings can be legislation."


Mid 17th century (denoting the enactment of laws): from late Latin legis latio(n-), literally ‘proposing of a law’, from lex ‘law’ and latus ‘raised’ (past participle of tollere).