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(of a woman) having attractively long legs.
  1. 'The musical numbers sometimes look like they were filmed from down the block, and they and jump from shot to shot so frequently that you don't really get any sense of what they're trying to convey except that leggy women look hot in stockings.'
  2. 'She was a tall, leggy blonde with wide lavender eyes, long black eyelashes, and lush, rose lips.'
  3. 'Understandably there is some embellishment in how both sides present themselves, but imagine Peter's shock when a loud, sassy ex-con turns up on his doorstep one day instead of the leggy blonde he was expecting.'
  4. '‘I have recovered, of course,’ said the leggy model about her disastrous venture into Indian films.'
  5. 'Welsh hero Stanley Baker heads the cast of Dingaka as a lawyer, with leggy dancer-actress Juliet Prowse as his leading lady.'
  6. 'A tall leggy figure stepped in the light of the entrance to the bar, and Brian grinned.'
  7. 'Detective Nolan was a leggy woman in her early thirties, with a broad face.'
  8. 'When we met, I was a boisterous, headstrong, tall, leggy blonde.'
  9. 'Knit, leather, denim and couture creations were paraded down the runway by the leggy models in the form of gowns, pantsuits and ensembles that displayed an array of splashy colors.'
  10. 'The tall, leggy blonde pushed rudely past Jennifer to stand in front of him.'
  11. 'a leggy type of collie'
  12. 'The town is a favorite nesting-place for the leggy birds, who take up residence here on the old Roman aqueduct, disused minarets and any other safe perch, in the Summers.'
(of a plant) having an excessively long and straggly stem.
  1. 'Petunias will take some shade, but the deeper the shade, the fewer the flowers and the more leggy plants will become as they stretch for light.'
  2. 'Without adequate light, plants will become leggy, and they won't flower.'
  3. 'Give the plants a light to medium pruning, enough to shape any leggy stems and to encourage bushy growth.'
  4. 'Don't buy leggy plants or ones that are overgrown and rootbound.'
  5. 'Excessively rich soil fosters leggy, less attractive growth and leaves plants more prone to pests.'
  6. 'Pinching leggy plants promotes stronger stems and better flowers.'
  7. 'The stems tend to look leggy and sparse when they survive the winter.'
  8. 'There are many different kinds of basil, but all grow rapidly and require frequent pinching back to prevent them from growing tall and leggy.'
  9. 'If planted in the shade they tend to become tall and leggy as they strive to reach towards the life giving sun and if in too damp a spot, the stems become too weak to hold the huge flower heads erect and thus fall over.'
  10. 'It grew into a tall, rather leggy shrub with not much to recommend it apart from unusually long, leathery leaves.'


1. having awkwardly long legs.

2. having long, attractively shaped legs: a group of tanned, leggy swimmers.

3. of, relating to, or characterized by showing the legs: a leggy stage show.

4. (of plants) long and thin; spindly.

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