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Having legs of a specified kind or number.
  1. 'a three-legged dog'
  2. 'He plays guitar standing bow legged and rocked way back - but looking cool.'
  3. 'Each sister had their own cell, furnished with a plank bed and straw mattress, a three legged chair and a wooden cross.'
  4. 'A black legged tick had bitten patients about 3 to 20 days before.'
  5. 'Like the goat legged females on the pedestal, the figure seems to convey despair.'
  6. 'Their four-legged best friends accompanied them too.'
  7. 'wide-legged trousers'
  8. 'Bellbottoms are big, wide, bell-shaped legged pants worn by many a hippy.'
  9. 'He wore straight legged brown pants that stopped mid calf.'
  10. 'This colourful range of ragged see-through tops is teamed with neat looking A-line skirts and wide legged trousers.'
  11. 'They are promoting the latest line in beige saggy arsed skinny legged trousers from the shop.'
  12. 'Stretchy tops mixed with looser legged pants also help bring out your hips more so your waist doesn't look the same width.'


1. having a specified number or kind of legs (often used in combination): two-legged; long-legged.

2. fitted with legs: a legged desk.

More examples(as adjective)

"trouserses can be legged."

"friends can be legged."

"candlesticks can be legged."

"tables can be legged."

"sticks can be legged."

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