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A person with left-wing political views.
  1. as modifier 'lefty trades unionists'
  2. 'You really have to watch out for those radical lefties, don't you?'
  3. 'Is she saying she thinks more lefty kids think voting is useless?'
  4. 'But I am programmed as a leftie to try to find the root causes of their anger.'
  5. 'Ken Livingstone said last week that we have to stand by Liz Jackson, our Labour candidate, because she is such a good leftie.'
  6. 'At Victoria University, there were four young lefties taking Political Science.'
  7. 'If anything, the ads worked to take votes from Nader (which, as Stephanie Luce points out, alienated some lefty female voters).'
  8. 'Although Congress is hardly the place to find lots of radical lefties, it's also true that there are very few genuinely conservative Democrats left.'
  9. 'The only answer that I can conclude is that they did not trust the lefty activists that they themselves put into that court.'
  10. 'Beyond the standard lefty refrains, most of the discourse was about how they felt marginalized within the power structure of the political science discipline.'
  11. 'But it functions as a summation of lefty gripes about life in these United States.'
A left-handed person.
  1. as modifier 'a lefty pitcher'
  2. 'Each manager apparently hoped to keep his opponent guessing as to whether he was starting a lefty or a right-hander.'
  3. 'He bowled the following season left-handed and even bowled three regionals as a lefty, but had no luck.'
  4. 'The team plans to fill its other main need, a left-handed reliever, by giving non-roster invitations to a few lefties.'
  5. 'Wells is a big-game pitcher who gives the rotation a needed lefty.'
  6. 'For righthanders, the ball is nested in the right palm, supported strongly by the left hand, with the opposite true for lefties.'
  7. 'Hitting lower also gives him one or two innings to watch how pitchers attack other lefties, such as Edmonds and Lankford.'
  8. 'Starting in the 4th inning he pitches lefthanded whenever Baltimore's lefty hitters are at bat.'
  9. 'Say you're looking for a starting pitcher who's tough on lefties.'
  10. 'While his changeup works wonders against right-handers, lefties have an easier time picking it up.'
  11. 'Two pitchers that have flown up prospect charts are lefties Macay McBride and Dan Meyer.'

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1. a left-handed person.

2. a leftist.

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"homes can be lefty."

"wells can be lefty."

"thesises can be lefty."

"starters can be lefty."

"pitchers can be lefty."

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