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A person with left-wing political views.
  1. 'the young leftist who seeks a remedy in politics for the ills of mankind'
  2. 'Leftists are not the only ones making statements about corporate policies.'
  3. 'His predecessor is a radical leftist.'
  4. 'The more rigid leftists condemned the festival.'
  5. 'We were even courageous in front of an amphitheatre crowded with excited leftists.'
  6. 'By way of background, most British leftists have some degree of emotional attachment to our public services.'


Having or relating to left-wing political views.
  1. 'leftist ideology'
  2. 'He also held strong leftist sympathies.'
  3. 'In 1947, many leftist filmmakers were treated as outlaws, and it's not surprising that they made some of their best films from the point of view of criminals.'
  4. 'It would be easy to condemn the film as leftist, anti-American propaganda.'
  5. 'His political commentaries reveal much about American leftist politics of the 1930s and 1940s.'
  6. 'Meanwhile, a group of leftist radicals is on a crime spree of murder and robbery, arming themselves with automatic weapons, explosives, and rockets.'


1. a member of the political Left or a person sympathetic to its views. adjective

2. of, pertaining to, characteristic of, or advocated by the political Left.

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"grips can be leftists."

"rages can be leftists."

"prisoners can be leftists."

"polices can be leftists."

"lasts can be leftists."

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