Adjective "Leave" Definition and Examples




    1. to go out of or away from, as a place: to leave the house.

    2. to depart from permanently; quit: to leave a job.

    3. to let remain or have remaining behind after going, disappearing, ceasing, etc.: I left my wallet home. The wound left a scar.

    4. to allow to remain in the same place, condition, etc.: Is there any coffee left?

    5. to let stay or be as specified: to leave a door unlocked.

    6. to let (a person or animal) remain in a positi



    "datas can be leave to rates."

    "datas can be leave for organizations."

    "freighters can be leave in/at/on mornings."

    "freighters can be leave on dates."

    "people can be leave in/at/on years."

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