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A material made from the skin of an animal by tanning or a similar process.
  1. 'Today, machines trim and cut the thickness and polish the leather.'
  2. 'The leather and cloth front seats were extremely comfortable and very supportive, especially for spirited driving.'
  3. 'The silver quality in her hair had kept it from being singed, but the leather piece holding it had been burned away.'
  4. 'There were extra pieces of leather to fix broken saddles and reins with.'
  5. 'But shining/polishing your shoes will make the leather last longer and look better.'
  6. 'She wore what was then the fashion for women, a leather one piece outfit with detachable sleeves and pant legs.'
  7. 'The production of leather from animal hides was a time consuming and dreadfully smelly process.'
  8. 'John hangs the leather on a plaiting hook and applies saddle dressing to the strands so that each one is individually stretched to assure a tight plait.'
  9. 'She pulled back her long, black hair and tied it with the leather piece.'
  10. 'She slumped back in the leather of the booth, and pushed a piece of hair behind her ear.'
  11. 'he was dressed head to toe in black leathers'
  12. 'Protective headgear and full motorcycle leathers are required to be worn to comply with race safety.'
  13. 'Maybe we need to find out a way to get Thrasher shirts over our leathers and then we will have a chance.'
  14. 'I turned to face the speaker and blinked in surprise as I saw him standing there, dressed in his usual checked shirt and hunting leathers.'
  15. 'He was also always interested in motorcycles and could often be seen coming to the Royal Society of Medicine for meetings in his leathers and crash helmet.'
  16. 'Most are dressed in heavy black leathers and vintage race helmets, sporting tattoos and smoking up a storm.'
  17. 'He wears orange and black leathers with ‘Carpe Diem’ imprinted on the front.'
  18. 'They had leathers on and stood beside motorbikes.'
  19. 'When I come back here why would I want to put my leathers on?'
  20. 'He was wearing a crash helmet and full leathers when his bike hit the metal chain.'
  21. 'Structured leathers and neoprene coats contrast with stretch mohair and fine cobweb knits to present a soft-military look.'
A piece of leather as a polishing cloth.
    1. 'Strap leathers are common and inspired from English saddles.'
    2. 'MyDynamo, with Jody Petty in the leathers, took the immediate lead and repelled all challengers as he sailed with finesse and precision over the first two miles of National fences.'


    Beat or thrash (someone)
    1. 'go, before you get a leathering'
    2. 'I had one fight last year where the judges scored it against me 1-0 after we'd been leathering each other for five rounds.'
    3. 'I got him down and I was going to leather him.'
    4. 'I only had the knife to scare him in case he got me and gave me a leathering.'
    5. 'Carlos took his customary 20-metre sprint up to the ball and leathered it'
    6. 'Kolinko's weak punch lands at the feet of Milan Baros, who leathers it home from 12 yards.'
    7. 'Ibrahimovic killed Wilhelmsson's cross six yards out, and as it sat up he absolutely leathered it towards goal, but Hislop stood tall and managed to beat it away.'
    8. 'Just four minutes on, City goalkeeper Alan Fettis could only watch as Astafjevs leathered an exquisitely-angled 25-yard cross-shot high into the net.'
    9. 'This time the winger's shot angled across Marshall's dive and rebounded off his left-hand post before being leathered behind.'
    10. 'Deep in the heart of the fourth set, Ferrero drew himself up to his full height and started leathering that forehand again.'
    11. 'Albion's ace day was capped late on when Andy Battersby leathered a 25-yard screamer into the Sutton net for Albion's fourth goal.'
    12. 'Two minutes from time an unlikely hero emerged in the form of Allan Johnson, who leathered the winner for Wanderers.'
    13. 'We had a howling gale at our backs in the first half and we decided to show everybody how we could play football instead of leathering it down the other end.'

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    1. the skin of an animal, with the hair removed, prepared for use by tanning or a similar process designed to preserve it against decay and make it pliable or supple when dry.

    2. an article made of this material.

    3. stirrup leather. adjective

    4. pertaining to, made of, or resembling leather: leather processing; leather upholstery.

    5. Slang. catering to or patronized by customers who typically wear leather clothing, often as a means of signaling interest in or preference for sad

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    Old English lether, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch leer and German Leder, from an Indo-European root shared by Irish leathar and Welsh lledr.