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So ludicrous as to be amusing.
  1. 'Of course that's laughable, because I never knew or cared where he stood on that.'
  2. 'Any idea that Stalin cared for public opinion in Russia is merely laughable.'
  3. 'Now that I have seen the extended version I just need to point out another discrepancy, and a laughable one.'
  4. 'Presumably the young women think it's just laughable, and it isn't seriously threatening you.'
  5. 'In our scientific age with its rationalistic world view, the idea of a person being raised form the dead sees laughable.'
  6. 'This I regard as quite ludicrous, and factually so removed from reality as be laughable.'
  7. 'The idea that Liz wanted to pick a fight with her family was almost laughable if not insane.'
  8. 'To think they would observe the spirit of the law and our democratic system is laughable.'
  9. 'While it is not out of the question to golf year round in Vancouver, it is a laughable notion in Saskatchewan.'
  10. 'His tirade against a society which he thinks is disenfranchising young men would be laughable if it were not so dangerous.'


1. such as to cause laughter; funny; amusing; ludicrous.

More examples(as adjective)

"scrapings can be laughable in/at/on light years."

"outreachs can be laughable on faces."

"climbings can be laughable in countries."

"counteroffers can be laughable."

"ideas can be laughable."

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