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Of considerable or relatively great size, extent, or capacity.
  1. 'the concert attracted large crowds'
  2. 'There's a large outside balcony area which faces South over the city centre rooftops.'
  3. 'I have a large cardboard box the size of a tea chest with an aperture in front which people can see through.'
  4. 'He drank and smoked far too much and obviously indulged in unhealthy eating given his large size.'
  5. 'The unexplainable fact is, the cul-de-sac is of ample size for even a large van to turn round.'
  6. 'A relatively large sum of money is required from members and friends of the club.'
  7. 'The current study would only be able to detect a relatively large mortality difference.'
  8. 'At first the boy was deemed to be too large to be considered for the operation.'
  9. 'Not being inordinately large in size, he had the advantage of being an amateur boxer.'
  10. 'At points I was considering getting a large hammer and knocking most of my own teeth out.'
  11. 'As in hurling, the playing field is about the size of a large football pitch, with a goal at either end.'
  12. 'many large investors are likely to take a different view'
  13. 'The fate of rival bids for NatWest rest in the hands of the faceless large investors.'
  14. 'China's economy is now the seventh largest in the world, eclipsing Canada.'
  15. 'The basic cause of the changed activities of large businesses is a matter of debate.'
Of wide range or scope.
  1. 'Their effort had grown too large to be managed out of a rented house in Nong Khai.'
  2. 'The forces were now effectively only capable of coping with one large scale operation at a time.'
  3. 'He was very grand and extreme, very artistic; everything he did was on a large scale.'
  4. 'Hence we should treat them instead with a large range of pharmaceutical agents.'
  5. 'This large range in ripe grapes is an important source of variation in quality.'
  6. 'It has been happening on a very large scale in manufacturing industry in Britain.'
  7. 'He soon realised he had to go about the programme on a large scale to make it really useful.'
  8. 'If an attacker staged such an assault on a large enough scale, the root servers would be unusable.'
  9. 'It was when the latter came on board that we started to see the acceleration of large scale changes.'
  10. 'Secondly, from a structural point of view it pervades large parts of the language system.'


Enjoy oneself in a lively way with drink or drugs and music.
  1. 'I pass a rabble of rampant orange-clad Dutch fans dressed as boy scouts wearing huge cartoon clogs, larging it up, singing and laughing.'
  2. 'They did what they had to do, and then told me to go out and large it.'
  3. 'It's the one night of the week when every young hip dude in the country is out on the town larging it (as I believe the younger generation say).'
  4. 'Fans know we're real supporters, so it's a case of ‘you're one of us and you're doing alright’ rather than ‘it's him off the telly larging it.’'



    1. of more than average size, quantity, degree, etc.; exceeding that which is common to a kind or class; big; great: a large house; a large number; in large measure; to a large extent.

    2. on a great scale: a large producer of kitchen equipment.

    3. of great scope or range; extensive; broad.

    4. grand or pompous: a man given to large, bombastic talk.

    5. (of a map, model, etc.) representing the features of the original with features of its own that are relat

    More examples(as adjective)

    "pores can be large with scales."

    "movements can be large at stages."

    "turnovers can be large in/at/on todays."

    "years can be large as to needs."

    "trades can be large in terms."

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    Middle English (in the sense ‘liberal in giving, lavish, ample in quantity’): via Old French from Latin larga, feminine of largus ‘copious’.


    at large
    have (or give) it large
    in large measure (or part)