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The basic monetary unit of Burma (Myanmar), equal to 100 pyas.
  1. 'Compensation of only 250 kyats - then about two dollars - was to be paid per property.'
  2. 'The estate is estimated to be worth 400 million kyat, but it is unclear what price it would fetch on the open market in economically battered Myanmar.'
  3. 'Taxi drivers, proud and immaculately groomed in long, Burmese sarongs, politely requested U.S. dollars, since the value of the kyat, Burma's currency, has fallen through the floor.'
  4. 'In neighboring Myanmar, the military government there marked the anti-drug day by opening a ‘Drug Elimination Museum’ said to have cost 820 million kyat.'

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1. a paper money, cupronickel coin, and monetary unit of Burma (Myanmar), equal to 100 pyas.

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"currencies can be kyat."

"grounds can be kyat."