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Relating to the Kurds or their language.
  1. 'So far the Kurdish areas have been relatively quiet, with the exception of Kirkuk.'
  2. 'The explosions came only hours after the arrest of four Kurdish militants in the city, officials noted.'
  3. 'As Verheugen rightly warned, implementation of new laws on Kurdish language rights and on torture has been slow and patchy.'
  4. 'I also took my life in my hands by visiting a Kurdish barber.'
  5. 'Despite recent riots in the Kurdish areas and signs of labour unrest, Batebi is not very optimistic that change will arrive soon.'
  6. 'Another significant change to the law permits private teaching courses in the Kurdish language.'
  7. 'Has that been worked out, or is there still tension within the Kurdish community?'
  8. 'In those regions, the military banned the use of the Kurdish language and Kurdish names.'
  9. 'The Kurdish insistence on federalism is having repercussions throughout the country.'
  10. 'At her inauguration, she wore a headband decorated with the traditional Kurdish colours, yellow, green and red.'


The Iranian language of the Kurds.
  1. 'It will also lead to private TV and radio stations being allowed to broadcast in Kurdish.'
  2. 'However, most Kurds raised in southeastern Turkey speak Kurdish as well as Turkish.'
  3. 'It remains a Kurdish stronghold with most people speaking Kurdish as their first language.'
  4. 'Shouts came as a Kurd legislator demanded the oath be read not only in Arabic but in Kurdish, as well.'


1. of or relating to the Kurds or their language.

2. of or relating to Kurdistan, its people, or their language. noun

3. the language of the Kurds, an Iranian language.

More examples(as adjective)

"areas can be kurdish."