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The basic monetary unit of Sweden, equal to 100 öre.
  1. 'This year's prize is worth 10 million Swedish kronor, about $1.3 million.'
  2. 'Only the South African rand, the Australian, New Zealand and Canadian dollars, the Brazilian real and the Swedish krona have outperformed the euro.'
  3. 'Each Nobel Prize this year will carry a prize sum of 10 million Swedish kronor, to be shared if the prize is awarded to more than one laureate.'
  4. 'The phone unit lost 24 billion kronor last year.'
  5. 'The bidders are charged an application fee of 100,000 kronor and then winners are chosen on merit as opposed to depth of pocket.'
  6. 'A Norwegian woman setting up shop as a witch has been awarded a government grant worth 53,000 kronor.'
  7. 'Svanberg's comments were taken as a threat to move production out of Sweden should the krona be maintained.'
  8. 'The company raised 16.6 billion kronor last year by selling assets including computer equipment and offices.'
  9. 'Last year, the company began a restructuring deal with the trade union in a bid to cut costs by up to 14 billion kronor.'
  10. 'Sales were 27.6 billion kronor, more than the 27.4 billion kronor forecast by analysts surveyed by SME Direkt.'
The basic monetary unit of Iceland, equal to 100 aurar.
  1. 'On the downside, the South African rand dropped 3.7%, the Swiss franc 2.0%, Iceland krona 1.8%, and Norwegian krone 1.7%.'
  2. 'The Iceland krona rose 2.3%, recovering some of its recent steep decline.'
  3. 'Only a few weeks ago in Iceland, concerns over economic confidence were reflected by falls in both the Icelandic kronur and its stock market.'
  4. 'Since we were paying in Icelandic kronur, it was like playing with Monopoly money.'

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1. a silver and cupronickel coin and monetary unit of Sweden, equal to 100 öre.Abbreviation:Kr., kr.

2. the monetary unit of the Faeroe Islands, equal to 100 öre.Abbreviation:Kr., kr.

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"links can be krona."