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A monetary unit of Russia and some other countries of the former Soviet Union, equal to one hundredth of a rouble.
  1. 'A kilo of white bread costs 60 kopeks!'
  2. 'He received a refund of 29 rubles and 84 kopeks, 16 kopeks short of the amount sent three months earlier.'
  3. 'At the time, a visit to the doctor cost 20 kopeks and a kilogram of beef - a luxury amid soaring food prices - went for 50 kopeks.'
  4. 'Raskolnikov explains to the policeman the situation and hands him twenty copecks to aid the girl.'
  5. 'In early 1994, stalls appeared in western Siberian towns such as Omsk and Noyabrsk offering cash in exchange for vouchers that were said by the agents to be worth no more than a handful of kopeks.'
  6. 'Despite that, Vladimir declared, the Soviet government had not afforded him the necessary conditions to provide for his family, and had left him attempting to survive as a farm laborer on mere kopecks a day.'
  7. 'In a period of 10 years, 18,000 modest citizens of Russia and Ukraine have undergone treatment in Cuba without having to pay a single kopeck.'
  8. 'An elderly woman hands him twenty copecks, thinking he is a beggar.'
  9. 'After saving every kopeck they'd earned, and enduring a punishing 70-hour bus journey across Europe, the band eventually arrived at Victoria Coach Station in London one bright morning, keen-eyed and ready to record their Peel session.'
  10. 'In fact, until quite recently, front-row seats at the Bolshoi were only 3 rubles 50 kopecks.'

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1. an aluminum-bronze coin of Russia, the Soviet Union, and its successor states, the 100th part of a ruble.

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"coins can be kopeck."

"chairmen can be kopeck."


From Russian kopeĭka, diminutive of kopʹë ‘lance’ (from the figure on the coin (1535) of Tsar Ivan IV, bearing a lance instead of a sword).