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Strange or eccentric.
  1. 'Its beauty lay in its other-worldliness, its tone of kooky mystery.'
  2. 'The younger generation look plain kooky in their big black overcoats emblazoned with East German military memorabilia.'
  3. 'It's a kooky film that should've been just a bit longer.'
  4. 'But I'm finally ready to deliver another once of those wonderfully kooky recaps you've all come to care so little about.'
  5. 'He'll probably say something kooky in his wacky language and then run off!'
  6. 'It seems like only yesterday that you were a kooky bunch of English kids with a funny logo, a taste for Marx and a fetish for vintage synthesizers.'
  7. 'I knew they couldn't have been serious about that kooky plan.'
  8. 'Either by accident or by design, Hawks created a rather kooky film instead of the hard-boiled movie that it pretends to be.'
  9. 'Debate is stifled, and conservatives either go in the closet or get to be seen as slightly kooky.'
  10. 'She reckoned his kooky looks and responsive personality would make him the ideal house pet and, for four years, life was quiet.'


1. of, like, or pertaining to a kook; eccentric, strange, or foolish.

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"wives can be kooky."

"shapes can be kooky."

"personas can be kooky."

"generations can be kooky."

"four-pieces can be kooky."

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