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Showing or suggesting that one has knowledge or awareness that is secret or known to only a few people.
  1. 'Alana looked in and smiled a little knowing smile and nodded at us.'
  2. 'The trio share knowing smiles, suggesting a sexual familiarity I don't want or need to know about.'
  3. 'Lynn, Michelle and Tatiana broke off their conversation and gave each other knowing looks.'
  4. 'Earlier this year, Liz Hurley was snapped walking out of the store swinging a bulging carrier bag and wearing a knowing smile.'
  5. 'Like most of the vitriol directed their way, they take it with a pinch of salt, a knowing smile and a guarantee they'll have the last laugh.'
  6. 'Mrs. Wexler walked out and closed the door, a small, knowing smile on her face.'
  7. 'He gave Andrew a sharp, knowing look.'
  8. 'Now he was on the couch, a knowing smile slowly spreading across his face.'
  9. 'Liam looked at his sister with a knowing smile and winked.'
  10. 'Jade gave her brother a knowing look and smiled.'
  11. 'today's society is too knowing, too corrupt'
  12. 'A team needs a mix of youth and experience, of young legs and knowing minds.'
  13. 'As a person, though, she is very knowing, which is why she's trying to get through the whole thing with a minimum amount of fuss.'
Done in full awareness or consciousness.
  1. 'The title track, full of optimism and with knowing references to the band's past, is a marvellous way to start the new album.'
  2. 'In these cases, the conduct of the employees or agents did involve a knowing and deliberate breach of the order.'


The state of being aware or informed.
  1. 'By the time students enter colleges or universities, if they do, their ideas and values about thinking and knowing will have been years in the making.'


1. affecting, implying, or deliberately revealing shrewd knowledge of secret or private information: a knowing glance.

2. that knows; having knowledge or information; intelligent.

3. shrewd, sharp, or astute.

4. conscious; intentional; deliberate.

More examples(as adjective)

"scores can be knowing to uninitiateds."

"people can be knowing in sciences."

"smiles can be knowing."

"people can be knowing."

"looks can be knowing."

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there is no knowing