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Full of knots.
  1. 'The 31-room lodge sits right on Lake Superior and is all Scandinavian, with hand-hewn beams, massive stone fireplaces, and guest rooms of high-gloss knotty pine.'
  2. 'Step one of Judy's transformation was to tackle the stained knotty pine walls with ‘quite a few gallons of paint.’'
  3. 'Here, raised-panel cabinets crafted of knotty pine evoke the old-world charm of French country kitchens.'
  4. 'Dotted with extraordinary trees like the baobab with its thick knotty trunk and root-like branches, the park teems with wildlife.'
  5. 'Wood - in the simple knotty pine cabinets and furniture pieces - adds warmth.'
  6. 'Indirect sunlight filters into the cool, shadowy space and creates a reddish glow off the smooth boards and knotty trunks.'
  7. 'Bright-coloured petals in contrast with the knotty, wrinkled old branches of the trees have provided inspiration to poets and painters for centuries.'
  8. 'These range from the pale silvery hue of maple to the warm gold, knotty style of pine, and from the classic mid-brown of oak to the rich darkness of walnut.'
  9. 'My black hair streamed out behind me knotty and tangled from last night.'
  10. 'Hotel du Lac Carling is quiet, with an understated ambience that washes over you as soon as you pull up beside the waterfall in front of a modern gray stone and knotty pine lodge.'
Extremely difficult or complex.
  1. 'The center tries to foment debate, providing daily forums for visitors to discuss knotty topics (such as free speech, privacy and the Internet, the day I was there).'
  2. 'That brings us back to the knotty dilemma of the reliability of intelligence information and the difficulty in interpreting it.'
  3. 'Mainstream economists, when faced with this knotty problem, reply that there is nothing wrong with using models with unrealistic assumptions - as long as the models accurately predict events.'
  4. 'There's no shortage of playwrights wrestling with the knotty problems of the modern world.'
  5. 'Some participants in the talks expressed hope that the agreement would create momentum for compromise on other knotty issues such as Social Security and immigration.'
  6. 'Several knotty taxonomic problems were addressed in this issue.'
  7. 'I know its a knotty problem with lots of attendant issues, but it's well worth mulling over the possibilities.'
  8. 'The story raises a knotty, if hypothetical, issue: Is it possible that well-intentioned efforts like the Jordan Valley project might ultimately be self-defeating?'
  9. 'But don't think that specialized clinics are the only places prepared to help couples deal with this knotty problem.'
  10. 'The newspaper also dwells on the jury selection in the original federal trial, but it never once mentions the truly knotty constitutional issue involved - double jeopardy.'


1. having knots; full of knots: a knotty piece of wood.

2. involved, intricate, or difficult: a knotty problem.

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"problems can be knotty."

"issues can be knotty."

"questions can be knotty."

"ashes can be knotty."

"people can be knotty."

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