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Strike a surface noisily to attract attention, especially when waiting to be let in through a door.
  1. 'Motorists who somehow believe fines will go away if they are ignored will regret their action when bailiffs come knocking at the door.'
  2. 'He first learned that a newspaper was on to him when his former mistress interrupted a dinner with a colleague to tell him the News Of The World had been knocking at her door.'
  3. 'Elena knocked, straightening her suit coat, smoothing her hair.'
  4. 'The Slovenian driver was asleep in his cab when he was woken by a man knocking on the window.'
  5. 'I had just flatly refused to talk to anybody for a few days but Beverly came knocking at my door.'
  6. 'A drunk guy had spilled his drink on me and I wanted to wash my shirt so I barged in without knocking.'
  7. 'There was no noise from inside, so she knocked loudly.'
  8. '‘Next time knock before you come in’ I muttered, my face still beet red as I dried the plates.'
  9. 'Jim hung his coat on a peg in the waiting area and walked over to the door, knocking quietly as he opened it.'
  10. 'I sort of blinked, decided I was dreaming again - I often dream there's someone ringing or knocking at the door - and drifted back to sleep.'
  11. 'Cameron knocked twice, and the unfamiliar face of Jason Phillips appeared behind a large oak door.'
  12. 'Heart still knocking against her ribs, she strode anxiously to the front door, rising up slightly on her feet to peer through the hole.'
  13. 'When I first met Madonna I was star-struck and my knees were knocking together because I was so nervous.'
  14. 'She tried to stand but decided her knees would knock together, so she sat back down.'
  15. 'Her legs were numb and her knees knocked together as she stumbled on the uneven ground.'
  16. 'My knees were actually knocking when I left your studio after telling that story.'
  17. 'Not a leaf stirred; we could only hear our hearts beat wildly, knocking against our ribs like a trapped bird.'
  18. 'Vibrations shot up her arm from the shock of the two steel blades knocking together.'
  19. 'In fact, she could almost feel her knees knocking together.'
  20. 'His teeth were rattling in head, his legs had turned to jelly and his knees were knocking together like castanets.'
  21. 'While driving your car, you can also listen to the engine: if you hear knocking, it's a good sign that you have trouble.'
  22. 'This premature ignition (called knocking or pinging) lowers the power output and can damage the engine.'
Collide with (someone or something), giving them a hard blow.
  1. no object 'he knocked into an elderly man with a walking stick'
  2. 'You might accidentally knock heads with your partner.'
  3. 'The window suddenly swung open inside, the frame knocking him hard on the chin and sending him sprawling on his back.'
  4. 'he'd knocked over a glass of water'
  5. 'An elderly man is critically ill in hospital after being knocked down when a teenager ran across a road and jumped into the middle of a bus queue.'
  6. 'Suddenly the boat shifted and moved, throwing her to her knees and almost knocking Wes into the water.'
  7. 'On the east coast, television pictures showed bricks and tiles had been knocked from some buildings, but there were no indications of serious damage.'
  8. 'Neighbours were beaten back by flames after knocking down the front door.'
  9. 'A cyclist was knocked off his bike on Brook Hill a couple of weeks ago.'
  10. 'A new youth shelter being built in Hutton recreation area has been knocked down by vandals even before it is completed.'
  11. 'The storm knocked down trees and power lines in the area.'
  12. 'He was hit from behind and knocked to the ground.'
  13. 'I stood up quickly, knocking my chair over in the process.'
  14. 'He gasped as the wind was knocked out of his lungs.'
  15. figurative 'you have had a setback that has knocked your self-esteem'
  16. 'I sat up quickly and promptly knocked my head on the overhang.'
  17. 'Do comments like that spur you on to drive harder or do they knock your confidence?'
  18. 'Tom jolted out of his dream, wincing as he knocked his elbow against the bedpost.'
  19. 'I charged at him, but the boy knocked me hard in the ribs, throwing me back.'
  20. 'Thieves knocked a hole in the shop wall before making off with equipment valued at about £11,000.'
  21. 'Just down the walk, I found a hole knocked in a garden wall and a hundred bricks missing.'
  22. 'One rock knocked a four feet hole in a nearby wall and Mr Ayrton said some stones had been found three quarters of a mile away.'
  23. 'This is particularly clever for old buildings where knocking new holes through walls can be tricky.'
  24. 'Sure, it's exhilarating to read a new and undiscovered book that knocks my socks off… I think… I'm not sure it's really happened.'
  25. 'two of the downstairs rooms had been knocked into one'
  26. 'Georgieva gestures around her office, which consists of two rooms knocked into one.'
  27. 'The café looks as if it had been two rooms knocked into one.'
  28. 'She and her husband Derek live with their four children in Wapping, east London, in two former council flats knocked into one.'
  29. 'Lord Rogers does live in London - he has two Georgian terrace houses knocked together in Chelsea.'
  30. 'It seemed a small house from the outside, but on entering they could see that it actually consisted of several houses knocked together around a small courtyard.'
Talk disparagingly about; criticize.
  1. 'We had a fair amount of possession and worked hard, I can't knock the commitment.'
  2. 'That's because whenever they do, they never offer any praise, they will just jump straight in and start knocking what I've done.'
  3. 'It is hard to knock a man with such charisma and unswerving comic timing, but anyone having had the pleasure of seeing him on stage before would have been disappointed at the lack of new material.'
  4. 'He was raised to think he's the greatest by his parents, who wanted to instill a strong sense of self in him, so it's hard to knock him for his attitude.'
Approach (a specified age)
  1. 'Overall, I'm not bad for a man knocking 60.'


A sudden short sound caused by a blow, especially on a door to attract attention or gain entry.
  1. 'He smiled and leaned down to kiss her, frowning as a sudden knock sounded on the door.'
  2. 'The sound of a knock at the door woke him from his reverie, and he walked quickly downstairs.'
  3. 'About two minutes later, there was a short knock at the cabin door.'
  4. 'He opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted by a sudden knock at the door.'
  5. 'All of a sudden there was a knock at the front door.'
  6. 'There was a sudden knock at the door, the noise seemingly unnatural and loud in the silence that I had gotten accustomed to in the past half-hour.'
  7. 'It was already very late into the night and Rosalind was beginning to doze off in her chair by the window when a sudden knock at the door startled her out of sleep.'
  8. 'She must have dozed off, because the sound of a knock at the door made her nearly jump a foot in the air.'
  9. 'He heard another knock and the soft sound of a doorknob being turned.'
  10. 'Justin heard loud knocks coming from the front door.'
  11. 'Petrol fuels contain a host of additives to enhance octane rating, lower engine knock and counteract water.'
  12. 'In the 1920s, lead was added to petrol, and this addition allowed vehicles to reach higher speeds without engine knock.'
A blow or collision.
  1. 'Bumps and knocks to the head are quite common, particularly among children.'
  2. 'The front wings are plastic and can withstand 15 km/h knocks without damage which reduces repairs.'
  3. 'A player just took a hard knock to the head and is lying on the field.'
  4. 'Since one wall was completely knocked down two weeks ago, two more knocks have left the other cracked and weakened.'
  5. 'Chelsea could be without William Gallas, who suffered a knock against Villa.'
  6. 'One swift knock to the head knocked the guy out, and we left.'
  7. 'While the shell does protect the phone's internal components from everyday knocks and bumps, it is not waterproof, merely water resistant.'
  8. 'At no stage during the match could he recall having sustained a knock to his head.'
  9. 'Head guards and helmets protect the skull and the brain from injuries caused by knocks to the head during sports and greatly reduce the risk of serious head injuries.'
  10. 'No matter how well you drive, with such tight racing and constant jostling for places it is inevitable that you will incur a few bumps and knocks along the way.'
  11. 'the region's industries have taken a severe knock'
  12. 'We're big enough to take the knocks when they're due, but is it so unthinkable sometimes to recognise and celebrate success?'
  13. 'As the weeks passed, it became ever harder to make ends meet and a £140 servicing for Vivienne's car was a severe knock.'
  14. 'Steeton saw their chance of promotion from Division One take a severe knock when they were beaten 2-1 at Ardsley Celtic.'
  15. 'From Australia's point of view, having got so close and then losing was a big knock.'
  16. 'I've suffered a lot of knocks over the years, but I've survived them.'
  17. 'There are enough hard knocks and challenges in life without us deliberately providing them for each other.'
  18. 'In the past couple of years, profits at many companies have taken a severe knock.'
  19. 'This is no knock against Lucas, who does a fine job in his short scenes, but it is a structural problem that the film does not entirely solve.'
  20. 'If they want to get ahead, Ms McIntosh says, women have to be prepared to develop thick skins, and the confidence to take the knocks and criticism that go with a high-powered job.'
An innings, especially of an individual batsman.
  1. 'Ian Winterbottom held the innings together with a knock of 51.'
  2. 'Cook struck 12 fours in his 343-ball knock lasting over six hours.'
  3. 'A feature of the NatWest Series was how well Australia adjusted a couple of times to difficult surfaces, with Mike Hussey in particular playing some splendid knocks under pressure.'

More definitions

1. to strike a sounding blow with the fist, knuckles, or anything hard, especially on a door, window, or the like, as in seeking admittance, calling attention, or giving a signal: to knock on the door before entering.

2. to strike in collision; bump: He knocked into a table.

3. to make a pounding noise: The engine of our car is knocking badly.

4. Informal. to engage in trivial or carping criticism; find fault.

5. Cards. to end a game, as in gin rummy, by

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"dollars can be knocked off levels."

"prices can be knocked off pedestals."

"people can be knocked at doors."

"dollars can be knocked off yen."

"backs can be knocked on doors."

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