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Denoting rough, slapstick comedy.
  1. 'The mood can shift from knockabout comedy to taut thriller in a heartbeat, which keeps the viewer from becoming complacent: One never knows what the film is going to do next.'
  2. 'These were lively, swift-moving knockabout sketches with a slightly risqué edge for its young audience.'
(of clothes) suitable for rough use.


    A rough, slapstick comic performance.
    1. 'Now, at one level this is all harmless political knockabout.'
    2. 'It may have gone down well with his party activists, but most members of the public will see it at best as political knockabout.'
    3. 'People are so sick of the Punch and Judy knockabout which passes for political debate that they are voting with their backsides and refusing to make the trip to the ballot box.'
    A tramp.
      A farm or station handyman.
        A small yacht or dinghy.


          1. Nautical. any of various fore-and-aft-rigged sailing vessels having a single jib bent to a stay from the stemhead, no bowsprit being used: usually rigged as a sloop.

          2. something designed or suitable for rough or casual use, as a sturdy jacket, a secondhand car, etc.

          3. a slapstick comedian or comedy.

          4. Australian. an itinerant farm hand or ranch hand; an itinerant handyman.

          5. British Archaic. wanderer. adjective

          6. suitable for rough use, as a garment: a knockabout jacket a

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