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The craft or action of knitting.
  1. 'Often, many part-time pursuits, such as cake decorating, knitting and bookbinding, can be run from home because it saves time and money.'
  2. 'She was gifted with her hands and had a special talent for knitting and embroidery.'
  3. 'The number of women taking up knitting has doubled in the past few years, spurred not just by the desire to make something snugly for their family, but for others too.'
  4. 'She did a lot of knitting and sewing, volunteered in her church, and sang in the choir.'
  5. 'She does all the needlework and knitting, which she says is probably the most enjoyable part.'
  6. 'Marjorie is a craftswoman and her knowledge of the history of knitting makes her a popular speaker at craft events.'
  7. 'The Guild has organised craft classes in crochet and knitting to commence in January and they will be open to nonmembers.'
  8. 'Traditional crafts such as knitting and lace-making have a wonderful history in Scotland.'
  9. 'For the moment, knitting is my current hobby/addiction.'
  10. 'I'm no good at sewing, but I could do some knitting.'
  11. 'Her household was run with thrift and economy - she always made her own jam, bottled fruit, made cakes and pastry and was never without her knitting and sewing.'
  12. 'I've a feeling my knitting will go to the Salvation Army from now on.'
  13. 'Her sitting room with its home-made curtains and baskets of knitting and needlepoint was the warm heart of the house, attracting the others to gather in it.'
  14. 'She insisted on bringing her knitting everywhere.'
  15. 'Emily smiled at me briefly before returning to her knitting.'
  16. 'I didn't answer, just picked my knitting back up and started to stitch.'
  17. 'She tucked her knitting away in her bag and stood up.'

More definitions

1. the act of a person or thing that knits.

2. the act of forming a fabric by looping a continuous yarn.

3. knitted work. Idioms

4. stick / tend to one's knitting, to mind one's own business: Don't worry about my work—just tend to your knitting. to devote oneself to one's assignments or responsibilities: Years of sticking to his knitting finally paid off.

More examples(as adjective)

"tucks can be knitting."

"rows can be knitting."

"mornings can be knitting."


stick to the (or one's) knitting