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Associated with or typical of a knight; chivalrous.
  1. 'The code of chivalry that embodied the knightly ideals - honor, generosity and courtesy - became the code of honor of the gentleman, and the foundation of fencing etiquette.'
  2. 'As the name suggests it concerns itself with chivalry, honour and knightly contests.'
  3. 'It was possible for young men of relatively low status to make a mark through their prowess, but in general the participants were already of noble or at least knightly birth.'


1. characteristic of a knight; noble, courageous, and generous: knightly deeds.

2. being or resembling a knight.

3. of or belonging to a knight: knightly duties.

4. composed of knights. adverb

5. in a manner befitting a knight.

More examples(as adjective)

"classes can be knightly."

"orders can be knightly."

"families can be knightly."

"chivalries can be knightly."

"statuses can be knightly."

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