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Be in or assume a position in which the body is supported by a knee or the knees, as when praying or showing submission.
  1. 'She was kneeling over the dead body of the man she loved.'
  2. 'He put a hand over his mouth and slowly knelt down beside his friend's lifeless body.'
  3. 'I was kneeling on the floor beneath his feet and nearly got trampled to death in the scrum.'
  4. 'She got up and crept through the dark so she could kneel beside her mom's bed.'
  5. 'The woman follows him down and kneels beside his sprawled body.'
  6. 'Carl wheeled the bike closer to the house and knelt down and began to check it over for signs of obvious damage.'
  7. 'Once he reached her, he kneeled down on one knee so that he was looking up at her.'
  8. 'Then he noticed her, she was kneeling with her back to him but her long black curls were unmistakable.'
  9. 'She looked even more uncertain when we all knelt down around the mattress.'
  10. 'He immediately kneeled down in front of the water and splashed his face repeatedly.'

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1. to go down or rest on the knees or a knee. noun

2. the action or position of kneeling.

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"positions can be kneeling."

"figures can be kneeling."

"people can be kneeling."

"angels can be kneeling."

"worshippers can be kneeling."

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(kneel)Old English cnēowlian, from cnēow (see knee).