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The joint between the thigh and the lower leg in humans.
  1. 'She reached across and patted his knee.'
  2. 'My hands are shaking and my knees feel weak.'
  3. 'She tried to stand but found her knees too weak to support her weight.'
  4. 'Lower your left knee toward the ground, dropping your hips straight down until your right thigh is parallel with the floor.'
  5. 'She sat on her bed and drew her knees up under her chin.'
  6. 'He hasn't played since the third preseason game because of a sprained knee.'
  7. 'In order to look good, shorts should fall a little above the knees and fit nicely around your buttocks and legs.'
  8. 'The problem is a cyst in his knee which may require surgery but should not keep Mark out of action for too long.'
  9. 'Sleep on your back if possible, with knees raised on a pillow.'
  10. 'He wore black shorts that reached down to his knees.'
  11. 'The elephant went on to its knees and tried to roll on top of Fay, repeatedly trying to stab him with her tusks.'
  12. 'He had exceptional conformation, very correct legs, hocks, and knees.'
  13. 'they were eating their suppers on their knees'
  14. 'When she came back he was sitting with the cat curled up on his knees.'
  15. 'His eyes continually glanced from the girl sitting opposite him to a notebook that lay on his knees.'
  16. 'All of her jeans were torn and ripped at the knees and hem.'
  17. 'I fell twice on the way home, soaking my mittens and the knees of my leggings.'
  18. 'She was wearing badly worn jeans with holes in both knees, a white tee shirt that was much too big to be her own and a faded denim jacket with several small holes in it.'
  19. 'She wore her dark brown hair in braided pigtails with a red bandana and the knee of her overalls sported an overly large hole.'
  20. 'My jeans had a grass stain on the knee.'
An angled piece of wood or metal frame used to connect and support the beams and timbers of a wooden ship.
  1. 'About half way down the keel, tucked between the knees of the ship was a low crate.'
An abrupt obtuse or approximately right-angled bend in a graph between parts where the slope varies smoothly.


    Hit (someone) with one's knee.
    1. 'PC Nick Smith tried to restrain her but she swore at him and then, when he tried to handcuff her, kneed him in the groin.'
    2. 'Ruane fled into a working men's club in Blossom Street, and when a policeman followed him there, kneed him in the groin, causing him a sharp pain.'
    3. 'He is accused of throwing the 37-year-old saleswoman against a wall, kneeing her in the head and striking her head on the ground.'
    4. 'I punched hard at the side of his face, and then kneed him hard in the stomach.'
    5. 'I kneed him in the stomach and when he stumbled back I kicked him.'
    6. 'The last time a guy tried to do that to me, I kneed him in the groin.'

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    1. Anatomy. the joint of the leg that allows for movement between the femur and tibia and is protected by the patella; the central area of the leg between the thigh and the lower leg.

    2. Zoology. the corresponding joint or region in the hind leg of a quadruped; stifle.

    3. a joint or region likened to this but not anatomically homologous with it, as the tarsal joint of a bird, the carpal joint in the forelimb of the horse or cow, etc.

    4. the part of a garment covering the knee.

    5. somet

    More examples(as adjective)

    "replacements can be knee."

    "surgeries can be knee."

    "deformities can be knee."

    "complaints can be knee."


    Old English cnēow, cnēo, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch knie and German Knie, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin genu and Greek gonu.


    at one's mother's (or father's) knee
    bend (or bow) the (or one's) knee
    bring someone/something to their/its knees
    fall (or drop, or sink, etc.) to one's knees
    on bended knee(s)
    on one's knees
    weak at the knees