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Extremely tired.
  1. 'By now the previous day had caught up with me and I was pretty knackered, and then there was the drive home.'
  2. 'The least likely recruit was perhaps Andy, who met us at Central Station looking, frankly, knackered.'
  3. 'A quick note to self - being knackered enough to end up asleep on the sofa all night is not a good thing.'
  4. 'I still had to get up early for work in the morning… which is why I feel absolutely knackered now.'
  5. 'Anybody too knackered to lift a cup of tea to parched lips can have it intravenously.'
  6. 'Felt bloody awful when I finished - too knackered to feel properly pleased!'
  7. 'I am supposed to be going dancing but I am knackered, so I will probably stay in and feel sorry for myself instead.'
  8. 'He walks off the pitch looking absolutely knackered.'
  9. 'By the time I got home I was knackered.'
  10. 'I rowed and rowed and rowed until I was knackered.'
  11. 'a knackered CD player'
  12. 'We have been told so often that Scottish football is knackered that we have come to believe it.'
  13. 'If one pulls the other way, the whole thing is knackered. "'
  14. 'She wanted something "reliable, good value and not as embarrassing as my knackered old Nissan Micra".'
  15. 'A few days later, I decided out of curiosity to see whether the old vcr is still knackered.'
  16. 'In fact it was rigged with what looked suspiciously like 10 year old and totally knackered Oxford gear!'
  17. 'Celebrate that space bloke fixing his knackered old shuttle by playing the Solar Games.'


1. exhausted; very tired: He is really knackered after work.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be knackered."