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Playful, lively, or flirtatious.
  1. 'The actress has some kittenish mannerisms which sometimes distract but she drifts convincingly enough through the sticky New York nights.'
  2. 'She has glossy blond shoulder-length hair, and boasts a kittenish sex appeal that is completely natural, typically American and exactly in keeping with what we would expect from the daughter of Goldie Hawn.'
  3. 'There is of course a long tradition of French girls delivering breathless, kittenish vocals over smoky, elegant pop.'
  4. 'From across the English Channel comes Modesty Blaise, kittenish superspy who, with her slippery sidekick Willie Garvin, tangles in various criminal intrigues at Her Majesty's behest.'
  5. 'She's completely fresh, girlish, and accomplishes neatly the transition from kittenish innocence to energy and greed.'
  6. 'Portman's character is the emotional center of the film, and she does an admirable job with a role that allows her to swing from kittenish teasing to calm self-possession to touching vulnerability.'
  7. 'She is now more pixieish than kittenish, which is part of what makes her so annoying.'


1. coyly playful.

2. like or in the manner of a kitten.

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"ways can be kittenish."

"smiles can be kittenish."

"qualities can be kittenish."

"playfulnesses can be kittenish."

"creatures can be kittenish."

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