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A set of articles or equipment needed for a specific purpose.
  1. 'On some of the trips we have had around the world, if you didn't take your own kit you had to fish with some pretty awful stuff.'
  2. 'I asked her what the problem was, and she told me that she had missed her period, and had checked herself out with a pregnancy-testing kit, and that it had proved positive.'
  3. 'As the divers assembled their kit we discussed the plan for the day.'
  4. 'Aid began pouring in yesterday, with the Red Cross sending 400 first-aid kits to the affected area.'
  5. 'Hold on to your shaving kit, a fresh shirt and a change of underwear.'
  6. 'The gardener's therapy kit contains really good hand cream and a relaxing bath soak.'
  7. 'Parents worried that their children are taking drugs have turned to £12 do-it-yourself testing kits.'
  8. 'You can buy special kits containing sanitised hypodermic needles and blood plasma for travel to underdeveloped countries.'
  9. 'The task team said there was no basic medical emergency equipment such as a first-aid kit or oxygen.'
  10. 'He says that the ancient Greeks used lavender honey to heal wounds; in World War II, lavender was part of soldiers' burn kits.'
  11. 'In the past, a soldier's sense of being part of a broader purpose suppressed moans about kit.'
  12. 'In fact, most servicemen would not trust their wives to iron their kit, says one Royal Marines officer.'
  13. 'Shops with specialist Army departments have reported an increase in sales of kit to soldiers.'
  14. 'Soldiers packed tents and kits to move to new positions in readiness for the imminent assault.'
  15. 'Soldiers who spoke to the Evening Gazette today said they had not seen any need to supplement Army issue desert kit by buying their own.'
  16. 'Of course the kit was clean: soldiers spend hours cleaning their equipment.'
  17. 'The armed forces insist every recruit passes through this ordeal with flying colours before they take charge of real kit worth millions of pounds of taxpayers' money.'
  18. 'an aircraft kit'
  19. 'A mantel kit usually comes partially assembled with a surround that you can cut to suit the dimensions of your fireplace.'
  20. 'I assembled the kit according to instructions.'
  21. 'Even World War II aircraft kits are being hit with royalty demands.'
  22. 'Assembly kits range in suitability from young children to senior citizens.'
  23. 'Nick Robshaw, 22, has spent the last 18 months helping his dad, Brian, and neighbour Phil Jenkinson, build a kit aircraft.'
  24. 'Right now, he has some 1,000 kits waiting to be assembled.'
  25. 'A variety of these all-weather tents are available in kits costing from $2,900 to $5,900.'
  26. 'The association is also urging the FAA to allow imported aircraft kits to be put together without requiring a production certificate.'
  27. 'The pilot had bought the aircraft in kit form and spent five months constructing it.'
  28. 'Model car kits are highly collectable and dealer Bob Dobinson tells Giles Chapman that to some fans even their smell is something special'
The clothing used for an activity such as a sport.
  1. 'Without a hard-working manager, committed coach, league organiser or founder, even someone who washes the kit, sport at grassroots level would simply not exist.'
  2. 'Throughout his time at the club he has done everything from playing and coaching to washing the kit.'
  3. 'The funds raised will also go towards sports kit and equipment, and coaching resources.'
  4. 'From running the under 10s team to arranging a new kit, training clothes and tracksuits he also does things like cleaning boots and setting goalposts up.'
  5. 'Fans are encouraged to attend in their kit and a collection will be taken for the Burns Unit at Bradford Royal Infirmary.'
  6. 'Children will need to bring their football kit and a packed lunch.'
  7. 'It was 45 minutes before kick-off and we were dressed in full kit, without boots, doing some leg weights and stretches.'
  8. 'Schools in the North West and North Midlands have received over 67,000 items of free sports kit.'
  9. 'Shirt Amnesty is a scheme designed by BBC Radio Five Live and the Football Association to put those old football shirts and kits to use.'
  10. 'The football kit was handed over to squad members at the school on Wednesday.'
A large basket, box, or other container, especially for fish.


    Provide someone or something with the appropriate clothing or equipment.
    1. 'If somehow he did find the rent and move in ‘it would cost thousands to kit it out.’'
    2. 'Tesco plan to kit trolleys out with DVD players for kids, according to this news article.'
    3. 'Youngsters at Burnley's Barden Junior School have been kitted out with a brand new football team strip thanks to a school governor.'
    4. 'To date, some 175 classrooms have been kitted out with the equipment.'
    5. 'To carry out the hugely complex job of managing over 400,000 transatlantic crossings every year, the air traffic control centre in Shannon has been kitted out with state-of-the-art equipment.'
    6. 'U.S. delegates have been kitted out with gas masks, two-way radios and drugs to combat bioterrorism.'
    7. 'Incidentally, all five-door Grand Vitara models have been kitted out with electrically adjustable, heated door mirrors.'
    8. 'Where the problems start is in kitting the boat out and deciding where items are best stowed for ease of accessibility, but with the constant problem of maximising space at all times.'
    9. 'Rangers are playing all in blue, while Stuttgart are kitted out in a largely white strip.'
    10. 'The Home Office said two schools, two hospitals and an ambulance station would be kitted out with the new equipment to give better security for staff, patients and pupils.'


    A flock of pigeons.
    1. 'A good kit of pigeons is a joy to watch.'
    2. 'Doc was letting out a kit of pigeons.'
    3. 'I watched my big kit of pigeons fly over in a constantly changing formation.'

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    1. a set or collection of tools, supplies, instructional matter, etc., for a specific purpose: a first-aid kit; a sales kit.

    2. the case for containing these.

    3. such a case and its contents.

    4. a set of materials or parts from which something can be assembled: a model car made from a kit.

    5. Informal. a set, lot, or collection of things or persons.

    6. a wooden tub, pail, etc., usually circular.

    7. Chiefly British. a costume or outfit of clothing, especially for a specific purp

    More examples(as adjective)

    "people can be kitted up to returns."

    "people can be kitted."


    (kit)Late 19th century: apparently from German Kitte or Kütte ‘flock or group of doves’.


    get one's kit off