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Blood relationship.
  1. 'Inuit social organization was largely based on bilateral kinship relations.'
  2. 'Matrilineal kinship was relatively unknown in the rest of India, though it was not unusual in Kerala itself.'
  3. 'It is bound together by kinship ties of blood and especially brotherhood.'
  4. 'But what do refusals to engage with kinship's allegedly sordid past achieve?'
  5. 'For ethnic Fijians, interpersonal relationships and social behavior are governed by links of kinship.'
  6. 'In conventional wisdom, the family refers to those to whom we are related by blood kinship.'
  7. 'It attempted to create kinship without blood in the face of an enduring equivalence between blood and belonging.'
  8. 'Patterns of traditional kinship still shape the social conventions of family life.'
  9. 'Likewise there is no established framework of social relations, such as kinship, which people can be slotted into.'
  10. 'Nor were they bound together solely by ties of kinship or blood.'
  11. 'I developed a kinship with sickly romantic poets who couldn't play games.'
  12. 'There's, sort of, six people who know what we do, and I feel a kinship to them, as opposed to a rivalry.'
  13. 'For Benjamin, translation functions not simply to transcribe accurately the content of the original language into another but also, and more importantly, to seek kinships between both languages.'
  14. 'Suffice it to say that men are freaks, and I feel a budding kinship with all of the world's borderline lesbians.'
  15. 'They shared a special kinship as their daughters both suffered from the same disease and were roughly the same age.'
  16. 'There's an obvious kinship between skateboarding and contact improvisation.'
  17. 'Comparison of DNA in living humans provides clues to ancestral kinships.'
  18. 'This, ultimately, is a play about existential resemblances and contrasts, kinships and irreconcilables, uncomfortable truths and futile lies that underlie delicate relationships and unbridgeable chasms.'
  19. 'A minority bands together and feels a kinship, if only for a moment that is as long as a muttered wassup, man?'
  20. 'We had a kinship because of our Irishness and because he had seen and related to my work.'

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1. the state or fact of being of kin; family relationship.

2. relationship by nature, qualities, etc.; affinity.

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"relationships can be kinship."

"groups can be kinship."