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Relating to or resulting from motion.
  1. 'The management of energy transfer between its kinetic and potential forms requires complex control within the central nervous system.'
  2. 'Therefore, the appearance of new bands in the rate spectra corresponds to new kinetic processes.'
  3. 'This implies a redundancy problem at both the kinematic and kinetic level.'
  4. 'These mixed dimers are formed with a kinetic coefficient that is half that determined for the native dimers.'
  5. 'However, the cybernetic approach requires kinetic information for all the reactions in the network.'
  6. 'In classical physics, there are two types of energy: kinetic and potential.'
  7. 'In the next section the thermodynamic and kinetic feasibility of the symplastic transport pathway will be assessed.'
  8. 'Some of the kinetic parameters of these metastable forms have been characterized.'
  9. 'We consider it far more likely that kinematic and kinetic aspects of forelimb motion coevolved.'
  10. 'The composition matrix is expected to represent the eigenvector matrix of the unknown kinetic matrix.'
  11. 'One entire hangar was dedicated to video art and films, as well as kinetic light art and holograms.'
  12. 'Last but not least, hanging above the ground floor is the kinetic sculpture.'


1. pertaining to motion.

2. caused by motion.

3. characterized by movement: Running and dancing are kinetic activities.

More examples(as adjective)

"theories can be kinetic."

"energies can be kinetic."

"concepts can be kinetic."

"inductances can be kinetic."

"engineerings can be kinetic."

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Mid 19th century: from Greek kinētikos, from kinein ‘to move’.