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In a kind manner.
  1. 'Well, we spoke before the break and you very kindly gave us your frank and honest overall view that that particular recommendation had not been handled well or at all.'
  2. 'To put it kindly, the manner in which juniors are treated varies a great deal from club to club.'
  3. 'Kaezik answered her kindly, a model of charm and manners.'
  4. 'Is it possible for you and your husband to talk honestly, kindly and straightforwardly to each other?'
  5. 'Evidently he's heard about kindly respectful paparazzi and wants to test the water.'
  6. 'And maybe some people will join because they feel lonely and want to be part of a group that treats them kindly and with respect.'
  7. 'All visa applicants are kindly referred to apply at the respective embassies in Bangkok only.'
  8. 'Jack Clancy of Clancy's Bar has kindly provided generous sponsorship to subsidise transport to Coleraine.'
  9. 'In this he was assisted by a lady of the court whom he had broken into in another manner, and who felt kindly towards him.'
  10. 'I have a novel idea, let's treat one another kindly, with dignity and respect.'
  11. 'would you kindly explain what you're talking about?'
  12. 'Prime Minister, would you kindly explain why taxes must rise?'
  13. 'I would request you to kindly alter the duration of a day on earth from the present 24 hours to 32 hours.'


Kind, warm-hearted, or gentle.
  1. 'They are always kindly, protective, helpful and understanding, honoring the mother spirit within women.'
  2. 'There are also ritual lamps, and a charming gilded swing with push-rods to lull the deity into a kindly tolerance of human failings.'
  3. 'I'm aware that's a generalisation, and that there may be some gentle, kindly drivers somewhere in the country, but I haven't found one yet.'
  4. 'He had a gentle, kindly manner, twinkling eyes and quick smile, a keen sense of humour and a penetrating wit.'
  5. 'I called out for a doctor or vet and a kindly gentleman stepped forward with a cat under one arm, a Labrador on a leash and what looked like a rather confident swordfish without a sword on the end of its nose.'
  6. 'These kindly gentlemen sometimes have other children waiting to be graded and, understandably, wish to see auspicious outcomes.'
  7. 'Hopkins is a gentle, kindly soul who doesn't get on anyone's goat and is happy doing his own thing.'
  8. 'It is true that he was, as he appeared to be, a gentle and kindly man, but in other respects he was not at all what he seemed.'
  9. 'The Mayo Abbey and Brize region has lost a kindly gentleman with the passing of Sonny Gibbons.'
  10. 'May, who was a resident of Harbour Street and latterly of Hill 60, was a kindly neighbour and good friend and will be most sadly missed.'


1. having, showing, or proceeding from a benevolent disposition or spirit; kindhearted: kindly people.

2. gentle or mild, as rule or laws.

3. pleasant, agreeable, or benign: kindly climate.

4. favorable, as soil for crops. adverb

5. in a kind manner; with sympathetic or helpful kindness.

6. cordially or heartily: We thank you kindly.

7. obligingly; please: Would you kindly close the door?

8. with liking; favorably: to take kindly to an ide

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"firms can be kindly upon links."

"states can be kindly at proposals."

"people can be kindly with senses."

"people can be kindly to extremes."

"people can be kindly at sisters."

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Old English: adverb from gecyndelīce ‘naturally, characteristically’ (see kind, -ly); adjective from gecyndelīc ‘natural’ (see kind, -ly).


look kindly on
not take kindly to
take something kindly
thank someone kindly