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Set (something) on fire.
  1. 'A signal fire, kindled with the lens of Piggy's glasses, is established on the mountain to call passing ships to their rescue while shelters are constructed.'
  2. 'What a great fire had been kindled from such a little spark…'
  3. 'Using the materials Anthak brought him, he quickly kindled a small hot fire under the tripod.'
  4. 'Last night I built the first fire I've kindled in years and it came back to me, that instinctual pull of watching the flames catch, of stirring the embers, and poking the logs until they burn brightly.'
  5. 'The fire that had been kindled in my skull leaked and spread into my veins, arteries, every pore, and traveled the length of my body, infusing all with heat.'
  6. 'All that could be carried off was taken, all that could not was wasted by the fires they kindled, even onto the humblest grain store-house of the poor cottars.'
  7. 'The mitzvah of kindling the Chanukah lights begins with sunset.'
  8. 'The housekeeper had put a fragrant pot of balsam in the window and kindled a pine-knot fire in the brazier.'
  9. 'The black fire that Goud had kindled in the 1960s now blazes with a new maturity, a new candour.'
  10. 'Until this time, most of the population lived in dark, smoke-filled cottages heated by open fires kindled in the centre of an ‘open hall’.'
  11. 'My interest in flying was first kindled in 2000 when our school toured the air force museum in Pretoria.'
  12. 'The loving care and concern for the monument evinced by the volunteers, park rangers and staff members, has an infectious effect, kindling a similar feeling in the visitors, young and old alike.'
  13. 'Frasier invites her home for drinks with hopes of kindling a romance, but is miffed when Martin captures her attention instead.'
  14. 'It is this creative act of citizenship that kindles hope and inspires action beyond bureaucratic bounds.'
  15. 'The awareness created among the backward communities has kindled their interest in conditions in other parts of the world.'
  16. 'They mix with the crowd telling stories and dropping one-liners to kindle interest and build suspense.'
  17. 'Now the Scriptures ascribe such dispositions to God: the anger of the Lord, says the psalm, was kindled against his people.'
  18. 'This fusion of martial and performing arts is sure to kindle the curiosity of the young, who adapt easily to innovations.'
  19. 'His interest is further kindled with the arrival of the balloonist's granddaughter, the combative Kate.'
  20. 'We hope the foregoing non-exhaustive recital will serve to kindle pride and interest in our collective heritage.'
  21. 'she hesitated, suspicion kindling within her'
  22. 'Hope had kindled in her heart when news of her pregnancy came, praying to the gods she'd have something to live for.'
  23. 'It was mid-afternoon when Arun knelt beside the fledgling, a faint hope kindling.'
  24. 'For the first time since the battle, Dovark actually had a slimmer of hope kindling within him.'
  25. 'Barely controlled fury kindled in Kayline's eyes.'
  26. 'the young man kindled at once'
  27. 'He kindled at the very sight of books.'


(of a hare or rabbit) give birth.
  1. 'Only rarely does a mother rabbit nurse her young right after giving birth. Most often the first nursing will occur the night after the kindling.'
  2. 'Some rabbit owners are fortunate enough to witness the rabbit kindling.'


A litter of kittens.
  1. 'We'd much prefer a potted plant that we can see grow year after year or a kindle of kittens.'
  2. 'A kindle of kittens rescued from a box behind a dumpster have become online stars.'
  3. 'She had borne twelve litters in fewer years, barely having time to train one kindle of kittens before the next lot was born.'

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1. to start (a fire); cause (a flame, blaze, etc.) to begin burning.

2. to set fire to or ignite (fuel or any combustible matter).

3. to excite; stir up or set going; animate; rouse; inflame: He kindled their hopes of victory.

4. to light up, illuminate, or make bright: Happiness kindled her eyes. verb (used without object), kindled, kindling.

5. to begin to burn, as combustible matter, a light, fire, or flame.

6. to become aroused or animat

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"enthusiasms can be kindled."

"hopes can be kindled."

"weeks can be kindled."

"seizures can be kindled."

"passions can be kindled."

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(kindle)Middle English: apparently a frequentative of kind.