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One's family and relations.
  1. 'Relatives seek out prospective mates for their kin from desirable families.'
  2. 'Nuclear families are the main kin group, with relatives involved as kin in the extended family.'
  3. 'At every level of society a person looks to family and kin for both social identity and succor.'
  4. 'In gathering information about who lives in the home and who fulfills family roles, it is important to assess for the involvement of extended family and non-blood kin.'
  5. 'Marriage always takes place then (in theory) between people who are already kin but only kin of a specified kind.'
  6. 'All of the mother and fathers' relatives are considered kin.'
  7. 'A pervasive myth is that the extended family does not exist and that society is composed of nuclear families cut off from extended kin.'
  8. 'Extended family and kin are an important part of the social structure of the republic.'
  9. 'That is, men interact with their wives' kin as individuals rather than as representatives of their corporate Houses.'
  10. 'Traveling together with family, friends, and extended kin these mobile groups bond and build community life.'
  11. 'dolphins, whales, and their kin'
  12. 'This may allow non-breeding animals to pass along the genes they share with their kin by helping in the rearing of young.'
  13. 'The preceding plants form a grade between the lineages considered in Lab 9 (conifers, Ginkgo and Cordaites) and the flowering plants and their kin.'
  14. 'Smaller herbivorous dinosaurs, however, may have fed to a greater extent than their larger kin on plants defended by qualitative toxins.'


(of a person) related.
  1. 'They are kin to dragons from when humans first settled on Pern.'
  2. 'Though he is kin to God in nature, all his character is unlike God.'


1. a person's relatives collectively; kinfolk.

2. family relationship or kinship.

3. a group of persons descended from a common ancestor or constituting a people, clan, tribe, or family.

4. a relative or kinsman.

5. someone or something of the same or similar kind: philosophy and its kin, theology. adjective

6. of the same family; related; akin.

7. of the same kind or nature; having affinity. Idioms

8. of kin, of the same family; related; akin: Although their surnames are i

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"people can be kin to houses."

"people can be kin."

"defects can be kin."

"ties can be kin."

"supports can be kin."

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Old English cynn, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch kunne, from an Indo-European root meaning ‘give birth to’, shared by Greek genos and Latin genus ‘race’.