Adjective "kilter" definition and examples

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Out of harmony or balance.
  1. 'But when the two banks amalgamated, it threw the whole religious balance out of kilter.'
  2. '‘Styles out of kilter with the stately dignified face of Malvern,’ another resident exclaimed.'
  3. '‘It seems out of kilter with public opinion, which seems so concerned about future injustice,’ said one prelate.'
  4. 'The numbers are out of kilter and the balance is wrong.'
  5. 'But it's funny to hear someone saying something so out of kilter with popular opinion and also I think (not so much in this case) quite a necessary thing.'

More definitions

1. good condition; order: The engine was out of kilter.

2. Poker. skeet2 .

More examples(as adjective)

"replyings can be kilter."

"dimensions can be kilter."


Early 17th century: of unknown origin.