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An act of abducting someone and holding them captive.
  1. 'The backlash could include bombings, kidnappings, plane hijackings and even beheadings.'
  2. 'They have been behind many of the kidnappings of westerners in recent weeks.'
  3. 'When police checked his computer it contained information about kidnappings, murder and the mutilation of bodies.'
  4. 'It is now one of the most dangerous parts of the country rife with crime, kidnappings and attacks.'
  5. 'Those guns would have been destined to be used in murders, robberies or kidnappings.'
  6. 'The threat of carjackings and kidnappings keeps people locked inside their houses.'
  7. 'The nation never had so many murders, kidnappings and other serious crimes before in its history.'
  8. 'He said too many kidnappings were taking place and the kidnappers were becoming richer at the end of the day.'
  9. 'Smith was charged with three kidnappings, three robberies and three firearms offences relating to alleged incidents on the day.'
  10. 'He said gang-related homicides and kidnappings continued to provide a serious challenge.'

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1. to steal, carry off, or abduct by force or fraud, especially for use as a hostage or to extract ransom.

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"spokeswomen can be kidnapping."

"traffickings can be kidnapping."

"people can be kidnapping."

"tactics can be kidnapping."

"slaters can be kidnapping."

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