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A young child.
  1. 'Old people too and mothers with babies and kiddies out shopping.'
  2. 'The cleverer little kiddies figured out which keys worked the lock.'
  3. 'The local kiddies had a visit to a circus that set up in St. Brigid's Hall on Friday evening last.'
  4. 'An open-air barbecue, disco, live band and bouncing castle for kiddies was laid on for the guests.'
  5. 'Parents love taking kiddies to see him and get a present.'
  6. 'With so many single mums and the cost of daycare so high, it is a welcome relief to send the kiddies off to pre-school.'
  7. 'So, a lesson for all of you kiddies out there: watch what you write if you're planning to author a book in the future.'
  8. 'Politicians love schools because the kiddies are so photogenic and don't ask awkward questions.'
  9. 'I think he gave very fair reasons and I fully understand them, I've got two young kiddies myself.'
  10. 'The circus pleased all the kiddies as well as parents for two days.'

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1. a child.

More examples(as adjective)

"publics can be kiddie."

"industries can be kiddie."

"cultures can be kiddie."