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An assault in which the victim is kicked repeatedly.
  1. '‘Oh mighty Dwarf,’ Yap began, ‘heroic and delicious Yap has decided to forgive you for all of your hurtful and brutal kickings and abusings.’'
  2. 'As these neds were giving him a kicking, he says he never felt more alive and didn't care what happened to him.'
  3. 'The military historian delivers the biggest kicking to the traumatologists.'
  4. 'These included repeated punchings, kickings, beatings with a baseball bat and truncheon, being urinated on and threatened with a syringe and blowtorch.'
  5. 'People were literally getting serious, serious beating or kickings when they were plasticuffed you're talking broken ribs, punctured lungs sort of thing.'
  6. 'I sorry but such social deviants cant just squat down anywhere you feel, I may go down there tonight and give them a good kicking.'
  7. 'The politicians came to mix it with the ordinary voters, and they got a kicking.'
  8. 'The working class aren't coming in for a kicking as they are traditionally understood, but rather the poor.'
  9. 'He threatened to give particular employees the kicking of their lives.'
  10. 'Kids lured into cars and tied up in the boot; suburban kickings on a Saturday night; amateur hitmen hired outside concrete-walled pubs; garage suicides and unwanted gropes.'


Lively and exciting.
  1. 'There's a little bit of Walk Like an Egyptian in there, plus brass stabs, a kicking bassline and a bit played on a Theramin.'
  2. 'A kicking beat, guitars deftly playing off each other, and a bass line that was pure nous.'


1. to strike with the foot or feet: to kick the ball; to kick someone in the shins.

2. to drive, force, make, etc., by or as if by kicks.

3. Football. to score (a field goal or a conversion) by place-kicking or drop-kicking the ball.

4. Informal. to make (a car) increase in speed, especially in auto racing: He kicked his car into high gear.

5. to strike in recoiling: The gun kicked his shoulder.

6. Slang. to give up or break (a drug addiction): Has he kicke

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"times can be kicking."

"pauls can be kicking."

"fingers can be kicking."

"duties can be kicking."

"cameramans can be kicking."

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