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A communal settlement in Israel, typically a farm.
  1. 'In the past 20 years, the kibbutzes have lost one-fourth of their population and members today number 120,000, a small fraction of Israel's 7 million people.'
  2. 'Moreover, she says, the way decisions are made today about building in kibbutzim does not permit a real participation of the potential occupants.'
  3. 'The pioneering moshavs and kibbutzes first planted vines in 1976, and initially the grapes were sold to the large coastal cooperatives.'
  4. 'Explore the workings of democracy in a vibrant community; get to know the kibbutz through its leaders; learn about the history of the kibbutz movement.'
  5. 'She travelled to France and went on to live on a kibbutz in Israel where she experienced the realities of living in a socialist constructed life.'
  6. 'After graduating he cofounded a kibbutz, working with others to transform deserts into green pastures and orchards.'
  7. 'Other studies of kibbutzim have found helping behavior between organizations that share ideologies.'
  8. 'In the epilogue, one example of socialism that ‘worked’ is held up in the kibbutzim of Israel.'
  9. 'Our first night is spent in one of the oldest kibbutzim in Israel, En Gev in the Golan Heights.'
  10. 'She went to Israel for seven months to work on a kibbutz, came home and trained as a masseur.'

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1. (in Israel) a community settlement, usually agricultural, organized under collectivist principles.

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"companies can be kibbutz."

"treasurers can be kibbutz."

"farms can be kibbutz."

"debts can be kibbutz."


1930s: from modern Hebrew qibbūṣ ‘gathering’.