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(in South Asia) the autumn crop sown at the beginning of the summer rains.
  1. 'He said the delay in monsoon had adversely affected all kharif crops, particularly bajra.'
  2. 'Of course, we had a good monsoon, resulting in a good kharif output.'
  3. 'Farmers who had already lost their last rabi crops due to the scanty rainfall are now losing their kharif crops, which have been badly damaged due to non arrival of rains.'
  4. 'There has been a stunted growth of various kharif crops and in certain parts the crop has withered.'
  5. 'The prospects of normal growth of paddy, cotton and other kharif crops brightened after two hours of heavy rain that lashed this region yesterday.'
  6. 'The monsoon, which has been eluding Punjab so far and has affected kharif crops, has brought the afforestation drive in the state to a halt.'
  7. 'With a good monsoon, the kharif crop was buoyant and rabi is also expected to do well, going by the meteorological department's forecast of a prolonged winter.'
  8. 'The area under sugarcane in the current kharif season has increased by 336,000 ha to 4.085 million ha as compared with 3.749 million ha in the previous year.'
  9. 'And now when they have been praying for dry weather so that they can harvest their kharif crop and take it to grain markets, heavy rains are wreaking havoc.'
  10. 'The seriousness of the situation can be gauged from the fact that cultivation has been completed in only 70 per cent of the targeted land during the kharif season against 85 per cent last year.'

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1. (in India) a crop sown in early summer for harvesting in the autumn.

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Persian and Urdu, from Arabic ḵarīf ‘autumn, autumnal rain’.