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A word or concept of great significance.
  1. 'In President Bush's second inauguration speech, he used the word ‘freedom’ as the keyword and invoked it a total of 27 times.'
  2. 'The keywords in the future will be convenience, reliability and sensitivity.'
  3. 'She rattles off a dozen questions usually put to contestants and comes up with answers, which have the keywords - confidence, optimism, and determination - sprinkled all over.'
  4. 'Secrecy was a keyword in their job, and Byron knew his partner assumed, from the terse explanation, that something unforeseen had happened.'
  5. 'If you're presenting classical content, keywords can be hyperlinked to useful definitions, references, or more in-depth material.'
  6. 'My style is to read the stuff, make a mental list of keywords to remind me of what to talk about, then wing it.'
  7. 'Every article about this movement will throw in a few keywords about divorce or single parents.'
  8. 'Search engines can access contextual information instead of just keywords.'
  9. 'What's interesting about the idea of an anonymous e-mail search engine is that you could search on content keywords and probably get your mail without even remembering your account name.'
  10. 'The goal is to rapidly retrieve relevant information by applying Boolean logic to keywords and searching databases optimized for textual storage and retrieval.'
  11. 'A master index of keywords are also used to link a small list of relative articles at the end of each newsletter.'
  12. 'To look up something you wanted, you had to search for the keyword in the index volumes, go to the Micropaedia for a summary of the entries, decide on the ones that seem to have the answers, and then read the relevant volumes of the Macropaedia.'
  13. 'Fortunately, the book has a good index on the keywords and the pages they are described.'
A word which acts as the key to a cipher or code.

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    1. a word that serves as a key, as to the meaning of another word, a sentence, passage, or the like.

    2. a word used to encipher or decipher a cryptogram, as a pattern for a transposition procedure or the basis for a complex substitution.

    3. Also called catchword. Library Science. a significant or memorable word or term in the title, abstract, or text of a document or other item being indexed, used as the index entry.

    4. Digital Technology. a word used to classify or organize digital con

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    "searches can be keyword."

    "reservations can be keyword."

    "terms can be keyword."

    "patrollings can be keyword."

    "paedophiles can be keyword."

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