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A single depression of a key on a keyboard, especially as a measure of work.
  1. 'They capture everything the user is doing - keystrokes, mouse clicks, files opened and closed, sites visited.'
  2. 'If it is true that all my keystrokes can be recorded?'
  3. 'The malware records passwords and keystrokes once users of infected machines visit targeted websites.'
  4. 'I thought your readers might like to have this routine, which reduces the number of keystrokes needed to key dates.'
  5. 'More recent viruses and blended threats also extract passwords, decryption keys and logged keystrokes.'
  6. 'A spyware program will record every keystroke and e-mail as well as every web page you visit and every chat session.'
  7. 'He was also able to train the software on one keyboard to decipher the keystrokes on any other keyboard of the same make and model.'
  8. 'The researchers extracted audio features from the sounds of a user's keystrokes and lumped similar sounding keys into categories.'
  9. 'This inexpensive software has the ability to invisibly monitor and record all computer activity including keystrokes.'
  10. 'Four additional keystrokes duplicate the functions of the arrow keys.'

More definitions

1. one stroke of any key on a machine operated by a keyboard, as a typewriter, computer terminal, or Linotype: I can do 3000 keystrokes an hour.

More examples(as adjective)

"shortcutses can be keystroke."

"dynamicses can be keystroke."