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(of a locking mechanism or switch) operated by a key.
  1. 'executive floors with private keyed elevator access'
  2. 'What if that keyed component was easily picked?'
  3. 'They have built-in combination or keyed locks and cost $10 to $20.'
  4. 'We don't typically blame keyed lock manufacturers for their locks being vulnerable.'
  5. 'Tenants had keyed access to the central gardens.'
  6. 'Someone has to be letting him into these keyed zones.'
  7. 'Near the keyed area of the socket, there's a chip that may interfere with the mounting installation.'
  8. 'The bit where the cable goes into the wheel hub uses a kind of keyed spline to ensure the cable is fitted correctly.'
  9. 'On the side where the keyed area is, this is where you'll need to push down to connect the retention clip to the prongs.'
Produced by pressing keys on a computer keyboard, telephone pad, etc.
  1. 'keyed passages'
  2. 'The original document will be carefully handled and safely returned (along with a keyed copy of the data contents).'
  3. 'To send mail to you in the future, they need to jot down your keyed address or save it in their contacts list.'
  4. 'The answer sheet contained the keyed responses.'
  5. 'Keyed data were returned and edited in-house.'
  6. 'If you start getting junk via the keyed address, you know who sold the spammers your address and can terminate the account.'
  7. 'There are a wide array of xylophone-like keyed instruments, which provide the distinctive metallic rhythms and shimmering melodies that are the foundation of gamelan music.'
  8. 'Haydn composed this piece to show the chromatic possibility of the then-new keyed trumpet.'
  9. 'Pianos and keyed wind instruments deal in fixed intervals between notes, so they resolve both c sharp and d flat to the same frequency.'
  10. 'Serpents, bass horns, and keyed bugles were used until valved brass instruments arrived on the scene.'
  11. 'He became a pupil of the cathedral organist, who gave him a thorough training as a composer and as a performer on keyed instruments, the oboe and the violin.'
(of a map, table, etc.) having an explanatory list of symbols.
  1. 'Keyed guides take you through a deductive series of questions - what shape is the leaf; what color is the flower - that leads to identifying a single species.'
  2. 'In this test, the time required for an individual to place 25 grooved pegs in a keyed pegboard is recorded.'
  3. 'It is the subject of a keyed reference map.'


1. fitted with keys.

2. fastened or secured by a key.

3. Music. pitched in a specific key.

4. reinforced by a keystone.

5. coordinated, as with a basic color or idea; harmonized (sometimes used in combination): color-keyed carpeting.

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"interests can be keyed on stocks."

"ups can be keyed."

"interests can be keyed."

"third-quarters can be keyed."

"spurts can be keyed."

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