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A panel of keys that operate a computer or typewriter.
  1. 'Almost every game playable on a personal computer allows for keyboard control.'
  2. 'Elements of the user interface include keyboard, mouse and joystick control as well as menus and score panels.'
  3. 'Everyone who has a computer has a keyboard, but not everyone has a joystick or gamepad.'
  4. 'People with palmar hyperhidrosis may have difficulty holding onto objects or tools or may have difficulty using computer keyboards, typewriters, or pens.'
  5. 'Typewriting institutes are becoming an oddity, as manual typewriters are swept away by word processing software and computer keyboards.'
  6. 'Later that night, Anna sat hunched over her laptop computer keyboard.'
  7. 'Control is via the keyboard or gamepad and works well for the most part.'
  8. 'The computers, monitors, keyboards, and other materials were placed on tables, each with a chair.'
  9. 'A mouse and a computer keyboard are fine for word processing but not for recording and mixing.'
  10. 'In recent years, the company has managed to consistently turn out the most attractive computers, monitors, keyboards, and accessories on the market.'
A set of keys on a piano or similar musical instrument.
  1. 'Schiff is a thoughtful pianist who doesn't put his fingers down on the keyboard until he knows exactly what he wants to say and how to say it.'
  2. 'With Itin's light touch the third movement Allegro seemed to dance off the keyboard.'
  3. 'All are engagingly written for piano duet, tastefully utilizing nearly the entire range of the keyboard.'
  4. 'A great idea, but I'm not sure how helpful this would be for the person who knows nothing of the piano keyboard.'
  5. 'From a distance, the inward-turning panels resemble depressed keys on a piano keyboard.'
  6. 'The last movement is a brilliant virtuoso movement that uses the whole range of the keyboard.'
  7. 'When a note is played out of sequence or the keyboard is out of tune, the performance falls apart.'
  8. 'Robert, her youngest son, is hunched over the keyboard of the grand piano completely absorbed in the passion of the moment.'
  9. 'For example, the conventional Western musical keyboard used on pianos and organs has always had its problems.'
  10. 'Nothing on the original piano is altered, and the piano thus has two keyboards that can be easily interchanged in a couple minutes.'
  11. 'Instrumentally, it's a cacophonous blend of drums, percussion, bass, keyboards and electronics.'
  12. 'The saxophone also captures a great pitch and tempo that blends well with the slightly electronic sounding keyboards.'
  13. 'There's a bank of six keyboards along with electronic drum kits, as well as guitars and amps and all the usual stuff.'
  14. 'A multi-instrumentalist in high school, he played bass, guitar, keyboards, wind instruments, you name it.'
  15. 'His beginners, however, do not start on the piano or organ but the electronic keyboard.'
  16. 'The experimental sounds of keyboards and electric guitars add a contemporary influence.'
  17. 'To replace the fine organ with an electronic keyboard is bad enough, but to move the altar and remove the pews is quite unthinkable.'
  18. 'You can never expect a piano tuner to be entirely happy working with an electronic keyboard, but rarely have I felt so frustrated.'
  19. 'By the late 1990s, electric guitars, keyboards, and snare drums were common in urban areas.'
  20. 'Piano was his principal instrument but he graduated to electronic keyboards and organ as fashions dictated.'


Enter (data) by means of a keyboard.
  1. 'keyboarding is an important job skill'
  2. 'It's so much easier to get to a mouse than pick up a pen when keyboarding.'
  3. 'These multinationals entrust the locals now with more than keyboarding and responding to customer queries using fake names.'
  4. 'After two months of training, Smyth was keyboarding at 14 words a minute and beginning to write her life's story.'
  5. 'This adds a new excitement to keyboarding and also creates a teamwork atmosphere.'
  6. 'To get a true look at your portfolio, you're left with laborious pencilwork or keyboarding to merge these data with other holdings.'
  7. 'This is especially important if someone else has keyboarded the final copy of your review.'
  8. 'My wrists used to ache so much from mousing / keyboarding, but they've been fine since I've had the rests'
  9. 'You don't want your people keyboarding when they've got more important work to do.'
  10. 'Danny tried to stay on task, for he was already behind in keyboarding, but something kept distracting him.'
  11. 'The researchers recorded the amount of time that employees keyboarded and the amount of time they spent making error corrections.'

More definitions

1. the row or set of keys on a piano, organ, or the like.

2. a set of keys usually arranged in tiers, for operating a typewriter, typesetting machine, computer terminal, or the like.

3. any of various musical instruments played by means of a pianolike keyboard, as a piano, electric piano, or organ. verb (used with or without object)

4. Also, key, key in. Computers. to enter (information) into a computer by means of a keyboard.

5. to set (text) in type, using a machine that is opera

More examples(as adjective)

"systems can be keyboarding."