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  1. 'Some of these engines pumped water, while even more burbled away on kero and did. .. something.'
  2. 'Well, kero was an old-fashioned treatment that worked with a bang as we discovered for ourselves when out on nursing calls.'
  3. 'He just passes the kero to Philip, and again the fire rages.'
  4. 'Recycle beer or other decorative bottles into tumblers by soaking a piece of garden twine in kero and tying around the bottle at the point you want to separate.'
  5. 'Grandma dragged out the old tin bath, sat each kid in it, and treated the outbreak with kero.'

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1. a wooden container, as a beaker, made by the Incas.

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"weeks can be kero."

"cargoes can be kero."

"bases can be kero."

"imports can be kero."

"differentials can be kero."

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Early 20th century: abbreviation of kerosene.