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The side of a road or pavement that is nearer to the kerb.
  1. 'And as they're coming home, they are hauling debris out from their houses and hauling it to the curbside where we can pick it up.'
  2. 'Improvement plans for Woodhall Road include two pedestrian refuges at the village end, warning signs and changes to kerbsides.'
  3. 'There are enough branches at curbside along Washington Street this morning to make the village look like a war zone.'
  4. 'The new footpaths and some work on removing overhead cables was helpful and the adjudicators took note of the work in progress on the kerbsides.'
  5. 'The bins have to be put out for collection on alternate weeks, while other recyclable waste is also collected at the kerbside.'
  6. 'The kerbside on the south bound section of the carriageway between Linden Road and Union Street is littered with old bangers.'
  7. 'If one can't even leave boxes on a curbside because it's an open invitation to thieves, then one might think twice about buying that new TV.'
  8. 'We reach curbside around 8: 30, parade starting-time.'
  9. 'Therefore, it is common to see laid-back dogs lolling in the streets, the sidewalks and the curbsides.'
  10. 'At least 51% of U.S. households separate trash for curbside recycling.'
  11. 'Due to a severe budget shortfall, she announced last Monday that the city is eliminating curbside recycling and leaf pickup.'
  12. 'The bins have been left for weeks on the kerbside, simply adding to Bradford's reputation as a slum city.'
  13. 'To help narrow an ever-widening budget deficit, he has scaled back his city's curbside recycling program.'
  14. 'Perhaps they were dragged into the middle of the street from curbside.'
  15. 'By 2015 as much as 80% of Scotland's waste could be collected from kerbsides for recycling, compared to less than 2% now.'
  16. 'Paper, cans, bottles, green rubbish and plastic are all collected at the kerbside by an incredibly hi-tech lorry.'
  17. 'When I left the girls they disappointingly still seemed to be getting on well, happily sitting on the kerbside by the gutter.'
  18. 'Motorists will be banned from picking up passengers at the kerbside until the work is completed in the autumn.'
  19. 'The women squatting with their merchandise along the kerbsides become more numerous, the number of hawkers and loiterers crowding the pavements grows larger with every passing step.'
  20. 'Money will pay for a co-ordinator to run a scheme in 11 selected schools teaching road safety skills at the kerbside as well as in the classroom.'

More definitions

1. curbside. curbside [kurb-sahyd] /ˈkɜrbˌsaɪd/ Spell Syllables noun

1. a side of a pavement or street bordered by a curb. adjective

2. being adjacent to a curb: The car's curbside door is stuck.

More examples(as adjective)

"sensors can be kerbside."

"collections can be kerbside."