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A headdress worn by Arab men, consisting of a square of fabric fastened by a band round the crown of the head.
  1. 'He was all dressed up, wearing a suit and a kaffiyeh, he looked really respectable.'
  2. 'After all, people's anxiety about the kaffiyeh derives from politics, not from its aesthetic merits.'
  3. 'The black and white kaffiyeh is often associated with Fatah; the red and white with Hamas.'
  4. 'In Jordan, Queen Rania wore a kaffiyeh and headed an official march.'
  5. 'At the head of the tomb is a photograph of Arafat with a kaffiyeh draped over it.'
  6. 'The boys gathered around me, and the labourers removed their keffiyehs from their faces to talk.'
  7. 'The 51-year-old wore a white kaffiyeh and a white robe with square-rimmed glasses and a salt-and-pepper beard.'
  8. 'Nor does it matter whether he wears an army uniform, a three-piece suit or a kaffiyeh.'
  9. 'Other journalists favor small sedans and camouflage themselves with kaffiyehs as they drive the streets.'
  10. 'The agal is a length of cord which is used to bind the kaffiyeh to the head, usually several loops secure it.'

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1. kaffiyeh. kaffiyeh or keffiyeh [kuh-fee-uh] /kəˈfi ə/ Spell Syllables noun

1. an Arab headdress for men; made from a diagonally folded square of cloth held in place by an agal wound around the head.

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"headdresses can be keffiyeh."

"places can be keffiyeh."


Early 19th century: from Arabic keffiyya, kūfiyya.