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Have or retain possession of.
  1. 'she had trouble keeping her balance'
  2. 'I check to see what the best rates are and challenge my lender to keep my business by giving me a better deal.'
  3. 'And in return the councils can keep a share of the extra revenue raised through business tax to spend in their areas.'
  4. 'Allotment gardeners who won their fight to keep their rented plots may now bid to buy them outright.'
  5. 'He then ordered two cheese burgers and a cola, gave me all his money, and told me to keep the change.'
  6. 'How do some of these individuals keep their positions of employment I wonder?'
  7. 'I have a wife and one-year old baby that I have to provide for, and right now that means keeping my third-shift convenience store job.'
  8. 'He is having trouble keeping his charges' attention while she bobs and weaves in the background.'
  9. 'They may agree to match or better the quote in order to keep your business.'
  10. 'Then with a patronizing tone they tell me that I can keep the change.'
  11. 'She must have loved him very much as she kept every diary and letter he wrote from 1906 until he died.'
  12. 'Are you keeping a reserve of under-worked staff on roll to tap into, in the event of an upswing?'
  13. 'It seems people love to hoard them and keep them for the future.'
  14. 'Regular use of bronchodilators should therefore be avoided and should be kept in reserve for breakthrough wheezing.'
  15. 'Most tax advisers recommend keeping copies of your returns and supporting documents for at least six years.'
  16. 'The fact that they were twice baked and very dry meant that they could be kept for long periods and were well adapted for use by travellers.'
  17. 'Less data is being deleted and more data is being kept for longer periods of time.'
  18. 'I hope someone is planning to keep this stuff for future historians.'
  19. 'The records belong to the city and are kept in trust for future generations.'
  20. 'The books are lovingly maintained, and kept on shelves behind a protective screen.'
  21. 'This manuscript is on the shelf where only books by family members are kept.'
  22. 'Bags are a girl's best friend, allowing women to keep their must-have possessions close at hand.'
  23. 'If the fern is planted in a pot and kept in semi shade or even in a place where it gets some more sunlight, you will soon find the plant spreading around.'
  24. 'Plants kept on the windowsill will benefit from hardening off before they are planted out.'
  25. 'The other guys in your unit keep pinching your bike for odd jobs throughout the day, and you wouldn't mind keeping it stored underneath a desk.'
  26. 'A key safe is a secure box, opened by keying in a secret number, that is kept outside your house.'
  27. 'Frustratingly for the family it was the first time they had stored the bikes inside the shed after previously keeping them inside the house.'
  28. 'It's usually kept on one particular shelf, but when he asked me for it, I looked, and it was gone.'
  29. 'An intricately carved wooden table is kept in between the plush sofas.'
Continue or cause to continue in a specified condition, position, course, etc.
  1. 'keep left along the wall'
  2. 'The cemetery has been kept in excellent condition over the past number of years and it is hoped that this will be the case again this year.'
  3. 'He cannot even walk on his own and he is barely kept alive by a variety of mechanical devices.'
  4. 'No longer can they depend upon their mother to feed them or protect them, or keep them warm.'
  5. 'The exact location of the cave will be kept secret to protect the art, which is in pristine condition.'
  6. 'For security reasons, however, the exact location of the deposits is kept secret for the time being.'
  7. 'The beaches are always kept in a pristine condition by the many vendors who are there to look after all your needs.'
  8. 'We have to do what needs to be done in order to keep our secrets safe.'
  9. 'The wardens would also have had a general duty of care to keep the area clear of litter to help improve the look of the site.'
  10. 'Bella didn't know what to say to that, so she kept silent.'
  11. 'Food that needs to be kept fresh can be stored in containers too, meaning less plastic wrap or foil is needed.'
  12. 'he keeps going on about the murder'
  13. 'But as the Federal Reserve keeps raising rates, such buys become less attractive.'
  14. 'He is half the size of some of the others but he is so tough and such a good jumper that he keeps winning.'
  15. 'He kept repeating the same thing, that it had nothing to do with him.'
  16. 'I had to keep telling myself to stay focused and remain calm through this whole ordeal.'
  17. 'We kept driving, past cedar thickets and a pasture studded with blooming prickly pear cactus.'
  18. 'The strange message kept being repeated over and over again for about 15 seconds at 1.55 am each day.'
  19. 'Like a gramophone stuck on a groove, he kept asking me why Wen shouted at him.'
  20. 'He was always determined to be modern; not to repeat himself but to keep pushing boundaries.'
  21. 'The managers thought she was up to something, after she kept screwing up repeatedly.'
  22. 'The doctor just keeps telling me the lab results are normal.'
  23. 'The nice thing about ginger is that it keeps well.'
  24. 'The mix keeps for two to three months at room temperature.'
  25. 'This product does not keep, and is mainly produced in the autumn and winter.'
  26. 'It keeps very well if stood upright in a jug containing a little water, and refrigerated.'
  27. 'Tamora kept her seat, one hand free to wield her sword with unnervingly good aim.'
  28. 'Her arms flailed up and around in a desperate and truly valiant bid to keep her seat.'
  29. 'He kept his ground as his attacker walked towards him.'
  30. 'We have all been keeping well.'
  31. 'Mother kept very unwell the greater part of the way.'
  32. 'I have kept her waiting too long'
  33. 'He kept me waiting at the counter, having forgotten that there was meant to be an author around.'
  34. 'She could see he was upset so she walked up to him, hugged him and apologized for keeping him waiting.'
  35. 'She kept me waiting for what felt like an eternity but was probably about 15/20 minutes.'
  36. 'It's a habit he shares with many film producers: he keeps less important mortals waiting, and arrives an hour after our interview was scheduled.'
  37. 'He certainly kept us waiting but he got there in the end.'
  38. 'I'm sorry to have kept you waiting, but I was setting up a delicate experiment in the observatory.'
  39. 'He enters, apologises bluntly for keeping us waiting, and says he's extremely busy, so let's get on with it.'
  40. 'They then kept me waiting for 20 minutes while they obviously checked out my story.'
  41. 'He apologised for keeping me waiting (although it was our photographer who had delayed him) and swiftly swept away his papers to make way for me.'
  42. 'The man who created some of the most memorable images of the Sixties arrives early for his interview, then apologises for keeping me waiting.'
  43. '‘I don't want to keep you,’ she apologized. ‘Guess you'd best get outside.’'
  44. 'You must be quick, and not keep me long.'
  45. 'They kept the track, and rolled off mile after mile before daylight in an effort to catch up to the leaders.'
  46. 'Our protection was speed and keeping a zig-zag course.'
Provide for the sustenance of (someone)
  1. 'All the families of the O'Reilly's Club kept a player each in their home, cooked for them and looked after them well.'
  2. 'My mother had to sell me as she could not afford to keep me any longer.'
  3. 'Mrs. Brown had been unable to keep her children and had given her two little girls away.'
  4. 'My mother keeps me well in stock of incense, candles, charcoal blocks, and altar covers.'
  5. 'It is this large distribution network that keeps our first-hand bookshops in fresh stock.'
  6. 'Apart from keeping us supplied with bread, fruit and hot drinks, the Prodive staff would change our cylinders for us, and I was impressed by the care they took with our cameras.'
  7. 'We always planted a ridge of turnips and a ridge of cabbage to keep us supplied with vegetables.'
  8. 'I can only hope she was kept well supplied with all the little comforts she missed.'
  9. 'When Ellen was ill friends kept the family supplied with soup, eggs, jellies and wine.'
  10. 'But, above all, it has kept me supplied with the materials essential to my trade as a historian.'
  11. 'Because of the presence of the tsetse fly, large animals such as cattle and goats are not kept.'
  12. 'To increase his income, he kept sheep and cows, did spinning and acted as a labourer when other farmers needed help.'
  13. 'Twenty or so acres can be useful for keeping horses or ponies and does carry a certain prestige.'
  14. 'They also kept sheep, goats and cattle to add milk, butter, cheese and meat to their diet.'
  15. 'She has kept her horse, Callie, which is the first she has owned, at the stables since September.'
  16. 'He also wants a proper pony track and stables for the local boys to keep their horses.'
  17. 'He said Beale was now keeping chickens and pigs, of which there had been no complaints, as well as growing strawberries.'
  18. 'I remember a time when every farmer kept a pig or two for their own use.'
  19. 'Although it is true to say that keeping pigs as pets has been extremely popular, there are not as many pet pigs around at the moment according to a pig organisation.'
  20. 'He had to cycle seven miles each way to the land where the sheep were kept.'
  21. 'the big fellow keeps a fish shop near the post office'
  22. 'Jeremy had often told her that her father had been a merchant who kept shop near the barracks.'
  23. 'Isaura and her husband kept a grocery nearby, and they often stayed there late in the evenings.'
  24. 'his only thought is to keep the boy from harm'
  25. 'We would do anything to keep them from danger.'
  26. 'Traditional values are so perverted by slavery that Sethe is driven to murder her own daughter to keep her from slavery's horrors.'
  27. 'He kept another woman, by whom he had two children.'
  28. 'He was a clever sociopath who owned three properties and kept different women at each.'
Honour or fulfil (a commitment or undertaking)
  1. '‘This is about keeping a commitment, delivering promises and being true to our convictions,’ he said.'
  2. 'Four years after a South Yorkshire council was blasted for failing to work on stopping benefit fraud, it has come under fire again for not keeping its promises to improve.'
  3. 'We wanted to find out whether Britain and the West are keeping the pledges we made.'
  4. 'Even as she said it, she knew that she could not guarantee herself that she would keep that oath.'
  5. 'Pharmaceutical companies now had to keep their promises and negotiate honestly, she said.'
  6. 'You took an oath to defend the nation, and you kept that oath overseas and under fire.'
  7. 'Catherine always said that if she won the prize she would take her mother with her, so she has kept her promise.'
  8. 'How far am I expected to travel so you can say you kept your promise?'
  9. 'She was accused of failing to keep her promise to work with the aviation industry to improve the choice of destinations.'
  10. 'This is the work not of months, but of years and keeping these commitments is essential to our future security.'
  11. 'today's consumers do not keep the Sabbath'
  12. 'Not once in the New Testament are we told to keep the Sabbath.'
  13. 'if you kept small rules, you could break the big ones'
  14. 'He thought that to be ‘good’ he had to keep the rules and respect the law of God.'
  15. 'Among ourselves, we keep the law but when we are operating in the jungle, we must also use the laws of the jungle.'
  16. 'Smaller, lighter and faster, it keeps the tradition of luxury.'
  17. 'Such a man obeys my commands and carefully keeps my laws.'
  18. 'So for instance, the lyre bird is the storyteller of the bush, not only because it doesn't have a voice of its own, but because it keeps the law.'
  19. 'Our experience in Ireland is that the only thing that really works in terms of drivers keeping the law is fear.'
  20. 'The Gentiles or unbeliever is able to keep the moral law because they are made in the image of God.'
  21. 'According to my teachers, only Catholics who kept the commandments had a real shot at Heaven.'
  22. 'Thus far we have seen only part of what he meant when he said that Christians should keep the whole law.'
  23. 'Every week religious Jews observe the Sabbath, the Jewish holy day, and keep its laws and customs.'
Make written entries in (a diary) on a regular basis.
  1. 'Periodically Ian kept a diary, each entry scribbled in pencil.'
  2. 'She also writes poetry and has kept a diary since she was 9 years-old.'
  3. 'There are many possible reasons for keeping a diary and they range from pathological nostalgia to a prudent desire to possess a record of work done and objectives accomplished.'
  4. 'So, turn off that TV and start keeping a diary, a journal or, best of all, a blog.'
  5. 'From the age of four, when he was taught to write by his governess, he kept a diary.'
  6. 'In a practice common among schizophrenics, he keeps a notebook, writing in hieroglyphs that are only comprehensible to him.'
  7. 'Like most working class children, he was illiterate and kept no diary or written record of his life.'
  8. 'This fascination with themselves results in keeping diaries or writing poetry.'
  9. 'Nicole used the site to write poems and kept a diary of her treatment there.'
  10. 'Ever since I decided to move into a new town, I thought keeping a diary of everyday events would be an interesting exercise.'
  11. 'keep a note of each item'
  12. 'Most of my novels were written while I was in full-time employment, and I kept records of the amount of time I spent on them.'
  13. 'There are two things for me that we will discuss as a panel, as we will discuss absolutely everything, because we have kept a record of what you have said.'
  14. 'Pupils will be keeping an on-going record of the building work as it progresses.'
  15. 'The children were asked to participate in the summer reading scheme and the library have kept a record of all books read.'
  16. 'The experts demanded to know whether they had been keeping proper records of their excavations.'
  17. 'During this era, people tended to write everything down and keep accurate records of events.'
  18. 'The gas firm was also found to have been keeping inadequate records of the state of its pipe distribution network.'
  19. 'They should also do head counts of students rather than relying on the false records kept by the company.'
  20. 'The UK scheme keeps records for every employee's full working life.'
  21. 'She still keeps records charting every penny she spends and she is worried.'


Food, clothes, and other essentials for living.
  1. 'They had their pay and their keep and were given a quarter of a sheep to take home to feed their families.'
  2. 'For 10 shillings a week, plus his keep, Trevor worked on the moor where Mr Middlemiss had moor rights.'
  3. 'Occasionally. in those days, some would be paid a wage but mostly they would work for their keep and a little pocket money.'
  4. 'At least this way they pay for their crimes and contribute something towards the cost of their keep.'
  5. 'Once upon a time we may have been loss leaders; but now, we are expected to earn our keep.'
  6. 'He organizes his charges to defuse land mines in order to earn their keep.'
  7. 'He would have played in the first team, coached the kids and earned his keep by working behind the bar and on the ground.'
  8. 'It wasn't a woman's place to own a farm, but a girl was expected to earn her keep by working on the family farm.'
  9. 'While earning his keep as a waiter in Covent Garden, Norton took a place at Central School of Art and Drama.'
  10. 'He earned his keep cleaning the shoes and rooms of upper-class students.'
  11. 'He earned his keep in university by running a bookmaking operation out of his back pocket.'
Charge; control.
  1. 'I was filled with gratitude that these beautiful children are in my keep.'
The strongest or central tower of a castle, acting as a final refuge.
  1. 'Its most remarkable feature is that the large keep is itself protected by further curtain walls.'
  2. 'Whereas motte and bailey castles were surrounded by a wooden fence, the stone keeps could rely on outer walls made of stone (curtain walls).'
  3. 'This Great Hall was the social centre for the inhabitants of the inner keep.'
  4. 'It is crowned with a stone shell keep of about 1300, which replaced a timber predecessor.'
  5. 'Manors and even small keeps abound in the highlands, not tourist attractions but still noble family estates.'
  6. 'In stone keep castles, keeps were much higher than any other part of the castle.'

More definitions

1. to hold or retain in one's possession; hold as one's own: If you like it, keep it. Keep the change.

2. to hold or have the use of for a period of time: You can keep it for the summer.

3. to hold in a given place; store: You can keep your things in here.

4. to maintain (some action), especially in accordance with specific requirements, a promise, etc.: to keep watch; to keep step.

5. to cause to continue in a given position, state, cours

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