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A yacht built with a permanent keel rather than a centreboard.
  1. 'The third edition in 1989 saw the exit of windsurfers and more accent on keelboats, with ocean-going yachts arriving from many points.'
  2. 'More and more keelboats are coming to the area and we expect to see yacht racing develop significantly in the coming months.'
  3. 'Between the keelboat and dinghy fleets at Dundee's Royal Tay Yacht Club yesterday more than 40 entries took to the water.'
  4. 'On home territory, Loch Lomond Sailing Club held their closing keelboat regatta in some devilish conditions.'
  5. 'Scots are at a massive disadvantage if they want to progress to become a full-time keelboat sailor, and you really have to be on the Solent to get the same opportunities as everyone else.'
A large, flat freight boat used on American rivers.
  1. 'A better boatman, Clark usually stayed on the keelboat while Lewis walked on shore and made his scientific observations.'
  2. 'This journey entailed a keelboat to Cincinnati, then to Louisville, Kentucky, and Shawnee Town, Illinois, and finally by wagon to Saint Louis.'
  3. 'The keelboat was too big to go any further, so they built themselves dugout canoes.'
  4. 'Her daddy was Mike Fink, the keelboat man, who was famous for his daring deeds on the Ohio and Mississippi rivers.'
  5. 'By mid-century the rivers were thick with flatboats and keelboats; the former lifted loads up to 100 tons while the latter typically hauled forty-ton cargoes along the shallower streams.'
  6. 'John Bradbury, a British naturalist employed by the Botanical Society of Liverpool to study North American flora, left St. Charles in the spring of 1810 on a small keelboat of ten oars.'
  7. 'He had recorded it two years earlier, but after two years and 7,000 miles by foot, horse, canoe, and keelboat, Lewis still maneuvered his vessel to the Missouri's shore in search of one last flower.'
  8. 'An 8-foot-by - 12-foot map of the Lewis and Clark journey will be displayed alongside the keelboat.'

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1. a roughly built, shallow freight boat, having a keel to permit sailing into the wind.

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"racings can be keelboats."