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Having complex patterns of colours; multicoloured.
  1. 'Sunsets are followed by immediate sunrises and the kaleidoscopic effects on the horizon, with the colours ranging from pale pink to fiery orange, are a photographer's delight.'
  2. 'The stage lights, which had started out in orange and purple, switched to green and purple, then pink and red, before becoming kaleidoscopic in effect.'
  3. 'In places it is punctured by bollards and peeled back to form benches, revealing glazed voids packed with multi-coloured fluorescent tubes that scintillate seductively with kaleidoscopic light.'
  4. 'The feeling is a little like having just walked into a kaleidoscopic abstract painting.'
  5. 'I tried out one of the goggles and was treated to a rather nice kaleidoscopic vision of brightly-coloured cubes slowly rotating around.'
  6. 'Look closer: the bow is encrusted with millions of kaleidoscopic jewel anemones.'
  7. 'But the couple could see the potential behind the floral wallpapers, printed borders and kaleidoscopic carpets.'
  8. 'It's all so dazzling as to be kaleidoscopic in its beauty and swirling confusion.'
  9. 'Often in a palette of blue, red, black and white, these kaleidoscopic paintings have been related to the intricate stained-glass windows of Rhenish cathedrals.'
  10. 'The vibrant palette of beach paraphernalia, stripes on windbreaks and seaside rock translates with ease into kaleidoscopic designs in fused glass.'
  11. 'a kaleidoscopic range of topics'
  12. 'Strings, guitar, organ, beats and voice come together in one singular, kaleidoscopic and symphonic adventure.'
  13. 'Its kaleidoscopic narrative line, in turn, comes from motorcyle culture.'
  14. 'It is vivid because of its kaleidoscopic variety of peoples.'
  15. 'The audience that roared at every kaleidoscopic shift didn't have a clue.'
  16. 'They are assembled in a kaleidoscopic fashion that jolts us out of our tendency to take the ordinary for granted.'
  17. 'The kaleidoscopic sweep of his playing was awesome!'
  18. 'In the onrushing, kaleidoscopic chaos of our life there is nothing substantial to hold onto.'
  19. 'The band might wear their influences on their sleeve, but what a kaleidoscopic variety it is!'
  20. 'Applied anthropology must "come of age" in this kaleidoscopic environment.'
  21. 'These are just the starting points for a much more ambitious project: a kaleidoscopic portrait of today's Russia.'


1. of, relating to, or created by a kaleidoscope.

2. changing form, pattern, color, etc., in a manner suggesting a kaleidoscope.

3. continually shifting from one set of relations to another; rapidly changing: the kaleidoscopic events of the past year.

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"patterns can be kaleidoscopic."

"arrays can be kaleidoscopic."

"forms can be kaleidoscopic."

"changes can be kaleidoscopic."

"zones can be kaleidoscopic."

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