Adjective "Jolly" Definition and Examples




    1. in good spirits; lively; merry: In a moment he was as jolly as ever.

    2. cheerfully festive or convivial: a jolly party.

    3. joyous; happy: Christmas is a jolly season.

    4. Chiefly British Informal. delightful; charming.

    5. British. Informal. great; thorough: a jolly blunderer. Slang. slightly drunk; tipsy. verb (used with object), jollied, jollying.

    6. Informal. to talk or act agreeably to (a person) in order to keep that person in good humor


    "people can be jolly in/at/on tonights."

    "rooms can be jolly without things."

    "people can be jolly on days."

    "people can be jolly."

    "times can be jolly."

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