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A person who jogs as a form of physical exercise.
  1. 'Within a few hours the steps will become a traffic jam of joggers as thousands of runners pound out their daily practice.'
  2. 'We must not forget to mention the skateboards, bicycles, joggers.'
  3. 'Bella was still smiling when another jogger collided into her with a force that definitely threw her to the side.'
  4. 'The news would perhaps dishearten walkers and joggers on Race Course and Nehru Stadium.'
  5. 'Police have been on the scene for about two hours now, after an early morning jogger found the body.'
  6. 'That same recreational jogger could keep up with the preferred trotting speed of a thousand-pound horse.'
  7. 'Everyone from seasoned runners to the occasional jogger is welcome to take part.'
  8. 'She was the jogger on the mountain road this morning, the one that had reminded him of Katherine.'
  9. 'At 3.6 ounces, the Mini is about 2 ounces lighter than the regular iPod, making it tempting for joggers and gym rats.'
  10. 'Police would particularly like to speak to a jogger who helped the boy at the scene.'
  11. 'sporty types in joggers'
  12. 'I have five sets of basketball gear, two jumpers, two joggers, three suits of school uniform and two pair of basketball shoes.'
  13. 'And then there was me, standing in just a pair of shorts and faded blue shirt, wearing faded joggers.'
  14. 'Ater all, with joggers, thongs and rainy weather for three days in a row, what's a regular guy to do?'

More definitions

1. a person who jogs.

2. joggers, (used with a plural verb). Also called jogger pants, jogging pants. casual, tapered pants of soft, absorbent fabric, typically with elastic at the waist and ankles.

More examples(as adjective)

"racings can be jogger."

"enthusiasts can be jogger."